2003 August 13 Wednesday
Australian Prime Minister Howard Opposes Low Skill Immigration

Conservative Australian Prime Minister John Howard opposes large scale immigration of unskilled immigrants.

Howard has never shown enthusiasm for the more radical notion of building a new Australian culture based on diversity. Thus his concern expressed at various times over the rapid change in the country's ethnic mix that resulted from an immigration policy based around family reunion. His Government's immigration policy, while increasing numbers over recent years, has dramatically shifted the emphasis away from family reunion to a more controllable skill-needs basis.

George Bush has a very different approach on these issues. Like many in the Republican party, Bush is an aggressive exponent of ethnic diversity and high and continuing immigration levels. (The US takes in more than one million legal migrants a year, with no requirement to read, write or speak English.)

A neo-conservative, Bush is regarded in US immigration circles as a "radical" on the subject - certainly for a president.

It is hard to detect any difference between George W. Bush and liberal Democrats on immigration. The liberal attitude toward immigration can be seen most clearly in their attitude toward illegals. Some liberal publications now routinely refer to illegal immigrants as "undocumented workers" rather than as illegal aliens. In their Orwellian-speak these people are not here illegally and they are not from another country. A recent Washington Post story has a title "Schwarzenegger Opposed Immigrant Services" which neatly illustrates this liberal bias. The text of the article reveals that what Arnie was opposed to was government social spending in illegal aliens. But the article title makes no distinction. Now the Democrats are clamoring to make make a campaign issue about the audacity of anyone who would dare oppose forcing the taxpayer to pay for medical care and other services for illegal aliens. The illegals who try to get government services ought to be deported. They are breaking the law by being here. They cost more to the government than they pay in taxes. They drive down the wages of citizens. They therefore actually cause the poorest citizens to have less money and to therefore be in more need of government services themselves.

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Paul Cella said at August 15, 2003 12:42 AM:

It's interesting, though, that Arnold, it seems, leaked the fact that he voted for Prop 187. The media took the bait and jumped all over him for it, forgetting, as it is wont to, that the measure was quite popular in California. Arnold has shown some real savvy.

Caro said at November 3, 2004 7:39 AM:

(Nov 3) I'd say Bush is pretty savvy. He won the election last night carried in large part by the hispanic vote. He was careful not to alienate them (pun intended) by pushing the illegal immigrant issue, even though it is an issue that impacts national security, and is destroying the small towns that have to provide security, health care and other services to illegal immigrants without any federal support.

Randall Parker said at November 3, 2004 10:48 AM:


Bush won by getting out the white evangelical Protestant vote. He did not win with the Hspanic vote.

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