2003 August 08 Friday
Mickey Kaus Comes Out For Reduction In Immigration

First, Kaus points out that the Republican Party has entirely caved on immigration.

3) Republicans, after a temprorary post-9/11 retreat, are once again proposing measures that would, among other things, retroactively legalize yet another wave of illegal immigrants, providing an obvious incentive for the next wave. ... As 3) suggests, the Republican party, eager to win Hispanic votes, is no longer reliably speaking up for those who are worried about the immigrant influx.

Kaus says that Elton Gallegly could run for governor on a platform to build a wall to cut off illegal immigration from Mexico. Then Kaus seems to come out for a reduction in the current rate of illegal immigration:

[Do you agree with the border control cause?-ed. We have to have some limits 1) to help raise wages of low-skilled U.S. citizens; 2) to help prevent California from becoming a Quebec (with France next door); 3) to support social equality, which seems hard to achieve in an open-borders world of educated, well-paid elites and slums of dirt-poor unskilled laborers.]

I think the anti-immigration forces need to give up on the Republican Party. The Republican politicians are in full pander mode for Hispanic votes and do not care what the majority of the US public thinks about immigration. It is time to start using state-level voter initiatives. State initiatives on building a wall between the US and Mexico could be done for all the border states that have an initiative mechanism in their state constitutions. California and Arizona both have provisions for state-level ballot initiatives. Therefore an intiative to build a wall on the California and Arizona borders with Mexico could be done at the state level. Also, state-level initiatives could be used to legalize and order the use of state and local police to round up illegal aliens.

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wretchard said at August 9, 2003 8:29 PM:

The backdoor to immigration reform is tax reform. The progressive tax system makes it possible for politicians to play redistribution games, and since in our society there is one man for one vote, it will always make sense to soak one working white or asian male to win the votes of a half dozen newly legalized immigrants. But if a flat tax were adopted, then there would be little incentive for any working American or resident to support illegal immigration. There are wrinkles to this approach, of course, but none that can't be smoothed out.

As matters stand, it doesn't make any sense for the Republicans not to pander to the Hispanics. If they don't, they lose. If they lose then nothing matters anyway as the Democrats will be calling all the shots. Only by changing the system which creates this distortion does the nation stand any chance of stopping it.

Steve P said at August 10, 2003 4:12 PM:

The biggest problem I see is that every time voters in a certain state actually take an interest and vote for a referendum,and pass it by a huge majority, either the legislature, or the state supreme court ignores it. I live in Mass. and we passed the English emersion question by 68%. The legislature basically came out and said you people really didn't mean to vote yes, and we really don't care what you think anyway. Now, the state has come up with a figure of 500,000 illegal aliens living in the Commonwealth Of Mass so what they want to do now is give all of them a drivers license to make the roads a lot safer. That is exactly what two of our esteemed representatives said when asked why they wanted to institute this. I really think the voters are losing any power they once had over their elected officials.

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