2003 July 31 Thursday
Guatemalan Illegal Aliens Getting Mexican Matricula Consular Cards

A recent sting operation that caught a bunch of illegal aliens working at the US Air Force Academy turned up Guatemalans using the identification card that Mexican consulates in the US issue to Mexicans.

U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., said the Air Force Academy sting has raised new questions about the identification cards - better known as matricula consular - issued by Mexican consulates.

According to Tancredo, of those arrested, nine were Guatemalan women and five were carrying false matricula consular cards identifying them as Mexicans from the state of Chiapas.

The only purpose of the matricula consular cards is to allow illegal aliens to function more easily in the United States. The Mexican consulates make little effort to confirm the identities of people who apply to them to receive these ID cards. People have been found who have multiple matricula consular cards and now it is clear that some of the recipients aren't even Mexicans. A law ought to be passed requiring law enforcement personnel to arrest anyone who can only produce a matricula consular ID to hold them for deportation.

Update: While a number of local jurisdictions and businesses are deciding to accept the matricula consular cards some in Congress are introducing legislative changes to restrict their use.

Earlier this month, Gallegly co-sponsored an amendment to a foreign operations bill that would heavily restrict the use of the cards. It would require foreign governments to reveal to U.S. authorities the names and addresses of all people receiving the card. The amendment passed on a 226-198 vote.

As a strict enforcement mechanism, the amendment requires the U.S. State Department to stop issuing visas to visitors and immigrants from countries that refuse to abide by the new regulations.

Keep in mind that legal immigrants have no need for the card. Those who have the card ought to be rounded up and deported.

Also see my previous post FBI Official Says Matricula Consular Card Is Security Threat.

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precious said at September 11, 2003 9:22 AM:

you are wrong i have 2 kids with a mexican and we are married but i had to worry everyday whether he would be deported without my knowledge now he has an i.d that has his name ,address, ect.so they can notify me if something goes wrong .they are people too and they deserve to be treated as such.

Annelid said at December 31, 2003 6:21 PM:

I'm glad that the ID provides you with a sense of security. Is your Husband here LEGALLY? If not ...deport his ass now!

Butterfly28Peach said at February 2, 2004 8:01 AM:

Don't pay any attention to that ass. My husband is from Guatemala. We don't have any children together but I understand how you fill. If your husband is illegal you need to check into what you need to do to make him legal. Best of luck to you and your husband.

mary said at November 5, 2004 3:51 PM:

i think all you rcist people should really trade lives with and illegal alien to see what it feels like especially if youre a teenager this country is based on oppurtunity and freedom not racism and discrimination what would happen if you were the illegal person would you have a different opinion or just say " well im not illegal so i dont care" well come to think of it u are you do knoe that this was mexican territory and all are immigrants from somewhere and just because you are legal does that mean your better than us well let me tell you something most mexican-american and people of hispanic origin are far smarter than these all american people because at least we strive to make and efort to make our lives bettter and work for what we have while you are sitting on your lazy butt waiting for a check from the state to arrive so you can have money whoever wrote this is incredibably ignorant and superficial because if you think that just because you are legal in the US you are better than us your wrong. Do you know how many of your people travel to our lands to live there and visit. Think about it we have the best beaches and tourista attraction in south america than you. I am deeply offended by you intolerance and ignorance in your own culture so next time you want to critisize someone do research and make sure you have facts to back it up

don juan said at April 9, 2005 9:41 PM:

How typical, another illegal immigrant activist screaming racism. If you are so concerned about people having a chance then why not take a stranger into your house, pay for him, pay his medical bills, give him the keys to your car and let him take over the house. Lastly, have him move his whole family into the house as well as all the relatives. Otherwise you are a hypocrite with no facts to back up your case. Illegal immigration is a drain on the American economy, like any other illegal activity they should face the consequences of the law. Why don't you strive to better your own country and stop invading ours, otherwise if you are here legally we are more then happy to welcome you.

I am deeply offended by your ignorance and total lack of factual basis for your argument.

Don Mexi-Rican said at May 7, 2005 1:13 PM:

well i don't know about thes racial people first off all is basicly is that The united states wasn't the white peoples land it was the natives and some mexican people like arizona,california,nevada,and utah was paert of mexico until the people from england came and europe came here try to get our land which they did so now you people would know some history now bitches

pepito said at August 26, 2005 6:22 PM:

Hi there, it is very sad to see the way some of us immigrants, legal o illegal react when a racist gringo makes such comments. We have to understand that most of them racist gringos have never been abroad, that all they know about Mexico is what they learned (sadly I must say) in Tijuana’s bars, where they go and get drunk and yell and do all that they like to do, that most if not all the info and news (if you can call that information or knew) they get is from TV, that it is very hard if not impossible for them to read a book, or at least a newspaper. they go to the other side of the world but are afraid to eat local food so they go to McDonald’s, and oh so ignorant as to demand that the people of the countries they are visiting speak theirs language
However, I must agree that perhaps one fells like them when one sees a lot of argentinians, chileneans, Peruvian, Korean, Chinese and peoples from other countries basically invading Mexico and doing what we Mexicans ought to be doing, working.
It is sad to see how many Mexicans are so infatuated with the vain American way of life:
Get rich, get money, buy the largest possible house, car, and get drunk, do drugs, be as selfish as possible, waste as much energy and natural resources as I can just because I’m paying for them so I have the divine right to do so, all those nice American trends.
It is very sad for us Mexicans to come here because we no do not have options in our country, why? just because the very greedy gringo bankers are pushing Mexico and Latin America so hard that we are forced to leave or countries just to survive.
Our governments sign such heinous treaties with the states, then this county
proclaiming to be the one in the world that respects all the laws (yea dream on) does not honor them and yet our countries are forced to honor them, thus our economies go down and we simply have to survive, so we are forced to “invade” your country.
If you, gringo racista really want to do something to stop the influx of illegal immigrants instead of whining and stuff like so, write to your senator and tell him to make this government respect international law and not to do what they are doing now, there is a saying in Spanish that we can use here regarding the gringo government “hagase la voluntad the Dios…….. en los bueyes de mi compadre”

Randall Parker said at August 26, 2005 7:39 PM:


If we gringos are so terrible then go back where you came from. Have nothing to do with the United States.

I'm tired of paying for Hispanic immigrants. I'm tired of their demands for racial preferences. I'm tired of their higher crime rates.

Also, I do not want the population growth and crowding.

We owe you nothing. If you are so wonderful then go back to your own countries and turn those countries into economic successes. The Japanese did. So did the South Koreans, Taiwanese, Hong Kong Chinese, and Singaporean Chinese.

"Gringo bankers" are not the cause of Latin American economic failures. "Gringo bankers" have no more power in Latin America than they do in East Asia. Look at the success of East Asia. You can not blame others for your own limitations.

Guera said at August 29, 2005 11:12 AM:

What a bunch of crap. I am as American as you can get, in a month I will be married to a Mexican. I am the last person on the plant that thought I would ever marry outside of my faith or race. But love does not know color. I was raise believing that Latinos are lazy dirty people.

What I have learned is that the people that come here from Mexico are looking for a better life for them and their children.

They work harder than most Americans I know! they educate their children to do better than they have. Their house are spotless.

The Latinos have taken over the intercity area I live in! Thank God! They buy these old house and fix them up, their property looks better than it has in 20 years. I am proud to marry into this family!

For those making the racist comments, well the hell is your family from? Why did your family leave Eupore to come here? Oh, wait, dumbadd, it was for FREEDOM, EDUCATION and a BETTER LIFE FOR THERE CHILDREN! Can you tell me what the statue in NEW YORK says? Here is a lesson, it says adn I quote " "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Writen by a Jewish woman who's family also came here for a better life. Just like my family who excaped the Nazi Death Camps. Now grow up!


Carl Aabye said at March 26, 2006 12:51 PM:

I admit to bias but believe my book based on national security-- economics and illegal immigration still shows all people to have similar based hopes dreams and fears. Do a name search on me to find my web site or check out the reviews on amazon books Terrorists Among Us by Carl Aabye and r.j. letnes-- thank you

Lin Amm said at March 27, 2006 8:15 PM:

I don't understand how our government has allowed the illegals situation to get so out of control. We have laws that aren't enforced and these people receive more services than US citizens. In the Texas area I live in we are overcrowded and the crime rate has increased 100%.
It seems while these people are demonstrating and stating they are illegals would be a good place for the police to round them up and drop back off on the other side of the border.

gia lopez said at February 4, 2007 9:07 AM:

If I were from these countries and I couldn't afford to feed my family or myself because of all the corruption in those countries, I would find a way too as those illegal immigrants have to get to a place where they can work and send food and money to their families. Its the bad immigrants that get arrested for drugs or illegal activity that make it bad for the ones that are trying to make a better life for themselves. The folks that are protecting the border the so called fake obnoxious Christian Americans that support the bush need to get a life and start protecting their own families and get on with their lives and stop worrying about everybody else. A day without a mexican, if this happens then those lazy ass white folks just might have to get off your lazy fat asses and get a job! Let the border patrol do their job legally! Plus do you really think Bush is going to get all the illegals out of America, because if he did then the money that the government is making off their paychecks would be a tremendous loss. People of the border think they are doing the right American thing, well think again. Bush is just using you to get re-elected. Think about it!!!Think of the money that will be lost if the illegal immigrants are all gone!!!

sknmrowley said at April 30, 2008 9:34 PM:

I say push the border south to the panama canal and allow colombia to take the other half of panama. Annexation is the answer...one or two mexican states at a time. Let us start with infiltrating the population with spies and moles and public relations propaganda. Lets target certain places for massive infrastructure development...privately. And then begin annexing with the vote...a few at a time...start with baja, sonora, chihuahua and the other northern states, and costa rica, and then complete the job. The Mexicans are a noble people but they are not monolithic any more than norte americanos are. Lets expand southward and require bilingualism in all public schools forcing the English language side by side with Espanol. I am sure we will be able to line up 20-30 million migrants to those new territories within a few short years. We could also offer a subsidy for American families moving south and willing to have more than two children. Got a better idea? The only other alternative I find is the complete and total militarization of the border. We will use the 101st aireborne to escort a black child to public school in Arkansas but not to enforce the border?

Randall Parker said at May 1, 2008 6:36 PM:


Yes, militarize the border. Build a layer of barrier fences and walls with trenches along the entire border. Have fast reaction forces that go to any place where sensors show humans trying to cross the layers. After a month of failures to cross the Mexicans and others from south of the border will stop trying to cross.

D. Carreon (and proud to be) said at May 31, 2008 8:53 PM:

I am married to a Mexican National, and very proud to say so.
For all of the U.S. Citizens out there, no one was complaining when you could hire a Mexican for $5.00 an hour, and an American wanted $10-$15 an hour, or when you could get cheap maid service. It was our government that allowed Immigrants to enter the U.S., we fed them, housed them, provided medical care and educated them. They came to our country and a majority are learning our language as our people are choosing to learn theirs. This is what we call diversity. If you don't like diversity maybe you should return to the country that your ancestors came from. You speak of the crime rate, do your school work, if you know how to read English (to the ignorant U.S. Citizens), and research the statistics of those being arrested for serious crimes. My last check, I do believe the whites won that race. Joe Arpiao now is another story. This is the same man at one time that blurted out on National TV that he himself employed Hispanic (Mexican) workers and was proud to say so. Now lets talk about the Welfare Rate. Let us just take all of the Mexican Nationals and send them back, now we have a higher welfare rate because the bread winners are gone and the white mothers have no way of supporting themselves. Hey, check this out.............We bitch and moan about the Mexicans coming over here to US soils and our people put them to work, yet we constantly complain about the lazy white man. Amazing, isn't it? Maybe all of you ignorant people should get your facts straight before you start to open your mouths. And also, whatever happened to America being the Land of the Free? In all of history we have been known as the Melting Pot of different Cultures. And now, due to govermental defects, we want to change this. Hmmmmmm..........

dami said at September 15, 2009 5:13 PM:

Oh how sad, you say this land wasn't whites to begin with, but it was the whites/legal immigrants who made this country into what it is. You think claiming who was here first makes your arguments? or Marrying an illegal makes it right.? what if situation was turned, where Americans were illegally migrating into your country? I bet you wouldn't be this forgiving.
let's be fair about this instead using racial nonsense.We Americans and who's here legally has every right to survival as you illegals and in this country,.. U.S.A, We should be consider first over anybody that's here unlawfully. And this country has been more than gracious to illegals, you should see how they treat illegals in other countries. just because you your family is starving doesn't make it right for you to come into my country and break law and take what belongs to American/legal immigrants.Use that hatred to star rebuilding your country. I know Mexico held olympics before Japan did in sixty's and were in verge of becoming first world Nation.But corruptions got you guys into this current state.
Same sentiments as you guys entering this country illegally and thinking it's Okay..it's okay to break the law until you guys think and live this way your doomed as nation and people.
Patriotism is more than just waving flag and rooting for you soccer team,if you want your country a country you could be proud of,get involved and change it. don't sit there and be mad at us for doing good. Although these days our goverments corruptions is killing us too.

Raul Alberto Andrade II said at January 6, 2010 3:44 AM:

Im from shambala. the flip side of this earth. we are so illegal that they had to create the bobby, (masonic military police from brasil) just to start hunting us all down and kill us. the problem is that we also don't die that easily. I've been tortured and killed and when I go to hell, I get kicked out and end up here on this lousy planet.

I am a U.S. citezen, but upon my planned removal from this earth all of my birth documents and IDs were changed to say I was never born here. Technically, this is true but come on, very few people are even aware of the other side of earth. The police tell me that the government recognizes me as a Ukrainian citezin when my bloodline here is mexican cartel. U gonna tell me to go back to my country? I am banned from nearly every place humanity is allowed.

rara said at January 6, 2010 4:18 AM:

Oh yeah. It was an american man who designed japans economy and as a result he spent eleven years in prison for treason. same thing happened to the man who invented the uzi israeli nine millimeter. he was brittish, and spent almost ten years in prison for merely designing the thing. in 2005 president bush signed a bill intto law to crreate the "amero" like the euro it is unified currency for mexico, u.s. and canada. we are simply waiting for it to overpower the dollar.

what do you say to that? We are no longer the united states of america. Mexico, U.S. and canada formally became the north atlantic union. All of our laws are officially obsolete but its people like who who pointlessly uphold them and that is what gives them power. Oh your a nationalist. Then go back to werever your bloodline comes from. If every one in this country was required to do that there would be noone left cause all the people who originally inhabited it are all dead. I suppose your also against native indians leaving the reservation and sickening us with all there nature bullshit and what not. Dynastias Era! Saturni Incarnata. Homuncumus. That means that my form of existence is so illegal there is no equal to the racism against the flesh that I occupy. conversly your intelligent does not ever rival ours. My bloodline crest is a serpent swurving backward surrounding a disseminated star of david with wings. it means that we are the only race of people never even allowed into heaven, so we rule the underworld.

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