2003 July 31 Thursday
Australian Muslim Preacher Warns Against Extremist Muslim Preachers

Intolerant hardcore foreign Muslim preachers are travelling to Australia to spread their message to Australian Muslims.

EXTREMISTS preaching social disharmony and intolerance are visiting Australia specifically to target young Muslims, the spiritual leader of the nation's Islamic community has warned.

Sheikh Taj Din Al Hilaly accused the Immigration Department of failing to vet visiting Islamic speakers who were brainwashing young Muslims with extreme right-wing doctrine.


He said he feared for the future if the trend were not reversed.

If Australia hadn't allowed Muslims to immigrate to the country in the first place they wouldn't be having this problem.

Will the Australian government step in to keep out the hardliner doctrinaire intolerant Muslim preachers? Don't count on it. Aussie Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock is claiming that the Australian government is doing a great job keeping out the fundies and that if they try harder they will be criticised.

"When we do have people coming from the Middle East who are going to preach ... we look very carefully at their backgrounds before they're allowed to come," he said.

"And often I'm criticised with scrutinising those matters too closely.

The more Muslims that come to Australia (or any other Western nation) the more there will be to complain and lobby for allowing more to come and to allow more radical ones to come. Until Islam grows up and goes thru something equivalent to the Protestant Reformation and the Enlightenment why should Western nations put themselves in the position of having to deal with this?

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2003 July 31 11:28 AM  Civilizations Decay

Thomas Tersoo Awen said at November 27, 2003 5:46 AM:

All the West need do is put a hardline between these Muslims and its people.Freedom and tolerance does not mean stupidity.-These folks cruise around as friends then turn around to kill. Just watching them closely is not enough. Just let them stay where they belong-The middle east.

Johnny Williams said at July 2, 2007 11:43 PM:

Selling hard drugs to non-muslims is OK. Wife beatings, bombings, sexual mutilation. Muslims are the most backwards people on the face of the earth. No religious group has ever committed more crimes than the muslims. It is too expensive to sort them out.

The most important thing now is to start a steady deportation of all the muslims. Tear down the mosques and use the land for something else. This will lower the crime rate.

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