2003 July 16 Wednesday
Check Out Incestuous Amplification On Korea

Just noticed a new blog, Incestuous Amplification, written by an American in South Korea. He writes with considerable attitude. Kevin examines South Korean anti-Americanism.

In Korea?  The anti-American protesters wear Nikes and Reeboks.  They stop at McDonalds or Burger King on the way home from burning American flags.  They then fire up their Dell or Compaq with Windows XP to go to the bulletin boards on Yahoo! Korea to post their anti-American diatribes.  When they're finished with that, they head out to watch the Matrix Reloaded and pick up the latest Britney Spears CD on the way home.  The next morning, they wake up at 6 AM so they can make it to the English school to learn the language of the Americans from an American teacher, so that their ultimate goal of getting an MBA from an American university may become a reality.  Until that dream becomes a reality, they'll call up their travel agent to confirm their 14-day tour of San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas, and Seattle during summer vacation and simultaneously check on English study programs in America for their children, who have American passports courtesy of a coincidental well-planned visit to an LA hospital in the 8th month of pregnancy.  What song is playing on the stereo as our America-hater is arranging her tour of America?  "Fucking USA!"

Kevin examines the South Korean feeling of historical grievance.

Herein lies the problem with modern-day Korea....too many open wounds and festering scabs. Nothing ever heals because the people refuse to allow the healing process to take place. If the Japanese or other outside forces don't pick at the scabs, then Koreans will do it themselves, just to make sure the blood still flows and the painful memories of victimization are seared into the consciousness of the next generation. The older generation of Koreans are like lepers covered in sores, oozing in puss, and bleeding from every orifice. Instead of drifting away quietly, they're giving the younger generation a big, sloppy, leprosy kiss...passing it along and guaranteeing that the disease continues to flourish.

Kevin, the guy who writes Incestuous Amplification, may be serving in the US Army in Korea or is working as a civilian near the border. One comment he makes, "anyone currently living in the killbox, including me" in reaction to Rummy's OPLAN 5030 to militarily mess with the North Koreans sounds like it is coming from someone who is standing somewhere within range of North Korean artillery.

Also, on the subject of American bloggers living in South Korea, if you haven't been to Marmot's Hole then go check out what Robert Koehler has to say. Robert took this post of mine on anti-Americanism and in his own post made my own points back to me with more clarity and better organisation. (note to self: use more bullet point lists)

Update: Kevin is a consultant to a South Korean company and lives in Seoul.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2003 July 16 03:43 PM  Korea

Kevin said at July 17, 2003 4:39 AM:

Hey Randall,

Thanks a lot for the plug, it's much appreaciated. I just want to clarify, I'm not in the military, as I work as a consultant for a Korean company. I do live in Seoul though, 35 miles from the DMZ, so I'm smack in the middle of the killbox.

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