2003 June 29 Sunday
US Wants Japan To Cancel Iran Oil Development Deal

The US is trying to convince Japan to withdraw from a planned deal with Iran to develop the Azadegan oil reserves.

The US is putting concerted pressure on the Japanese government to pull out of a $2bn (1.2bn) oil deal with Iran that had been scheduled for signing within the next few days, a US official and sources close to the negotiations said on Friday.

The US goal is to up the economic pressure in Iran by delaying Iranian oil field development. Even if the Japanese cancel the signing of the deal it is not clear how much this will slow down the Iranians. Will France or Russia step in to fill the void? Could oil companies in other countries develop the fields as quickly? Have the Iranians been having talks with China?

Update: US pressure to scuttle the deal looks like it is working.

July 1 (Bloomberg) -- Japan's government said a state company delayed an agreement to develop Iran's biggest oil discovery in 35 years, an investment that may total $2.5 billion, because Japan can't ignore concerns about Iran's nuclear program.

The Japanese government sounds like it has agreed to cooperate with the US in pressuring Iran over nuclear weapons development.

"Japan is confronting the Democratic People's Republic of Korea over its alleged nuclear development and the issue is also a major problem in the international community," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuo Fukuda said at a news conference Tuesday. "I don't think (the consortium) will go ahead with its oil development in ignorance of the situation."

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zaid hashim said at October 28, 2003 5:13 PM:

if you want to make a big an a good relation
with middle east and make a big benefit just
make an closure deal with IRAN ,IRAQ ,YEMEN and all other muslim country just ignore the
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK

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