2003 June 24 Tuesday
Some Iraqi Women Pining For US Soldiers

Betsy Pisik has an interesting article in The Washington Times about Iraqi women interested in US soldiers

Despite Islamic religious injunctions and a deeply conservative social culture, many Iraqi women find themselves swooning for the blue-eyed U.S. soldiers in clunky battle fatigues.

Privately, some Iraqi women ask how to catch the eye of an American man. But publicly, the tone is one of tsk'ing disapproval.

The US soldiers are under orders to not get involved in romantic relationships with the women in Iraq. They also have few opportunities to interact with them. But, faced with a severe shortage of men after wars and killings by Saddams regime, some women in Iraq eyeing the US soldiers as potential marriage material.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2003 June 24 02:35 AM  Mideast Iraq

matar said at September 6, 2003 2:19 AM:

What provetly going on only a few knows that. What is in public, is what we hear and see.Many Iraqi women are living in poverty, and trying to escape this life, by living abroad in another country. Many Iraqi women, have lost the loved one's, such as husband, brothers, etc..
Many Iraqi men were killed in the war or left the loved one's behined, therefore, many relationships are expected to rise between U.S soldiers and Iraqi women.

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