2003 June 13 Friday
Steve Sailer Reports From The Arizona-Mexico Border

Steve Sailer has been touring the border region between the United States and Mexico and has written a lengthy article on what he saw. Arizona is being hit hard by illegal immigration because of successes in making it more difficult to come in via California and Texas.

Paradoxically, Arizona's recent inundation of undocumented immigrants is the result of the Border Patrol's relative successes in California and Texas in the 1990s. The favorite route of illegal immigrants used to be along the cool Pacific Ocean. This turned San Diego's southern suburbs such as Imperial Beach, where the Border Patrol once caught 2,000 illegal crossers in one 24-hour period, into no man's lands.

Homeowners repeatedly protested the theft, vandalism, physical danger and psychological violation caused by the masses of desperate men pouring through their backyards every night. So, the government built several big walls along the California-Mexico border.

The United States could cut off the bulk of illegal immigration across the border from Mexico for about $3.4 billion dollars. A big reduction in illegal immigration would save us a lot more than that in decreased social spending.

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