2003 June 12 Thursday
FrontPage Symposium: The Death of France?

FrontPageMagazine.com has a symposium on France and Muslims with Jean-FranÁois Revel, Charles Kupchan, Guy Milliere, Alain Madelin, Toni Kamins, and Yves Roucaute. Milliere sees France gradually becoming more like Muslim societies.

It starts to be too late to integrate Muslim immigrants into mainstream society, and itís not the government choice to integrate Muslims. The government choice is to push the mainstream society to accept Islam more and more and to accept the idea that within twenty years, France will be either a Muslim society or a society very open to the values and practices of Muslim societies. Nothing is done right now to push young Muslims to integrate into mainstream society. Everything is done to push them to think they belong to a different community: the Muslim community. Those coming from this community who disagree and who want to say they are completely French are pushed in the margins by the media and by the French politicians. For years, French schools have not pushed new comers to integrate and to love France; they have pushed them to hate France and western civilization.

Madelin lists some of the factors causing the worsening problems in France:

Fourth root: In schools, leftist teachers teach young Muslims that France colonized their countries and that the French army committed atrocities. The result: many young Muslims hate France. Itís not their fault itís the fault of French education. Fifth root: For years, France has permitted to countries like Saudi Arabia to build many mosques and to send many radical imams to preach in these mosques. The result is a new generation of young radical Muslims.

Note the Saudi money spreading Wahhabism in France: Yet another example of why the United States should fund more basic research in areas that might produce technologies which could produce energy so cheaply that fossil fuels would be displaced as energy sources. Cost-competitive alternatives to fossil fuels would defund the spread of Islam.

In the second part of the symposium Milliere says the American symposium participants do not understand how bad things are getting in France.

Anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism are not new in France, whatís new is that they have more and more the colors of Third World anti-Americanism and Arab-Muslim anti-Semitism. Maybe you have to be in France to see that the statements of Revel and Roucaute are not devoid of substance. We, French neo-conservatives, have many reasons to be anxious and we think itís too easy to say from a far and above position that what we see everyday does not exist and is just a fantasy of old pro-American and pro-Republican reactionaries.

It is a shame that most American neoconservatves are unwilling to see the problem that is caused by immigration from societies that have cultural and religious beliefs that are so fundamentally illiberal and hostile to the West.

Kupchan holds the typical American left-liberal belief that if the US is losing allies it must be because of mistakes the United States is making:

We are losing France, Germany, and Russia as allies. We are gaining Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria. The merits of the Central Europeans aside, this is not a trade up. America is in the midst of undoing the multilateral order it worked so hard to build after World War II. Americans, along with everyone else, will be the losers.

What Kupchan is ignoring is that French opposition to American foreign policy has been around for decades and the reasons stem more from flaws in the national French character (basically resentment that they are no longer a first rank world power and envy that a newer country is the most powerful) than from any mistakes in US foreign policy. We are losing France as an ally regardless of what we do. We can't even placate them by doing what they want us to do since they won't respect or like us any more if we do.

It is interesting to note that the French participants in the symposium were far more pessimistic than the Americans.

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