2003 May 26 Monday
Entrepreneurial Kurds Eye Iraq Business Expansion

Writing in The Washington Post Peter S. Goodman reports that successful Kurdish businesses in the northern enclave are eager to expand into the rest of Iraq.

But the war has also raised the prospect of a unified Iraq, prompting thoughts among successful merchants here of expanding their sights beyond the region. At Sana Mobile, one of the two cell phone carriers in town, there is now talk of expanding into the rest of Iraq. "We have the financial ability and the technical ability," engineer Khalid Hasan said. "We have the experience."

With established private sector businesses and experience operating in an economy where business skills count more than political connections the Kurds in northern Iraq are in a great position to expand now that the rest of Iraq is not closed off to them. It seems likely they will accelerate the economic development of Iraq as a whole. Kurdish business interests will probably favor the continuation of Iraq as a single political entity.

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