2003 May 22 Thursday
China Should Not Get SARS International Financial Aid

The World Health Organization wants to raise money to fight SARS in China.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Thursday that it was seeking $200 million, half of it for China, to help developing countries fight SARS.

China has a $6 trillion dollar per year economy and the CIA estimates that China spends from $45 to $65 billon per year for their military. Therefore it seems obvious that China can afford to pay for internal measures to fight SARS.

One can understand the desire to help very poor countries to keep SARS from getting brought into their countries. Given that the Chinese government has done so much to mishandle SARS because the regime wanted to hide information that would make it look bad it makes more sense that China should donate money to the WHO that the WHO should then use to help other countries protect themselves from Chinese irresponsibility.

This article says the United States, Japan, and France have expressed an interest in donating to this WHO SARS fund. Why? Make China pay for it. As an American taxpayer I protest. China can afford to deal with a problem which it has done so much to make worse than it had to be. China ought to be compensating the rest of the world for the costs that the rest of the would might have been able to avoid had the Chinese government been more responsible and not conducted a cover-up operation for months.

Update: China's Health Minister Wu Yi says China is ready to contribute to a global SARS control fund.

WHO should also play a greater role in information exchange, personnel training, technical support and resources exploitation in the combat against severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), she added.

Wu reiterated that it is necessary to set up a global SARS control fund, to which China is ready to make its contribution.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2003 May 22 01:13 PM  UN, International Institutions

Siniac said at May 23, 2003 12:50 AM:

Here Here. I am waiting for the relatives those who died outside of China because of the coverup to sue the PRC for damages.

Wouldn't it make them howl if Taiwan sued them for the outbreak.


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