2003 May 18 Sunday
British Constable Says Mass Migration Feeding British Crime Wave

Chris Fox, president of the Association of Chief Police Officers and chief constable of Northamptonshire England says mass immigration into Britain is causing a crime wave.

Claiming the numbers of asylum seekers coming to Britain had reached 'tidal wave' proportions, Fox said: 'Mass migration has brought with it a whole new range and a whole new type of crime, from the Nigerian fraudster, to the eastern European who deals in drugs and prostitution to the Jamaican concentration on drug dealing.'

'Add to that the home grown criminals and we have a whole different family of people who are competing to be in the organised crime world,' he said in an interview with The Observer ahead of Acpo's annual conference this week.

While the majority of Americans oppose the current high level of immigration most elected office holders are unwilling to do anything to slow it. However, in Britain the pressure to reduce immigration appears to get more favorable media coverage and the pressure on the government to reduce it is great enough that Tony Blair has vowed to cut the number of new asylum seekers in half.

Update: The Muslim asylum seekers especially matter because many Muslims have divided loyalties. Christopher Caldwell says that British Muslims Mohammad Hanif and Omar Khan Sharif who carried out suicide bombings in Israel are not seen in Britain as reflections of British society. In Britain they are seen as South Asian ethnics and as Muslims and therefore not seen as real Britons. It is worth noting that they probably did not see themselves as British either and attached greater importance to their identity as Muslims. Yet people who think like them are a growing segment of the British population.

With British nationals taking up arms against their own country, those radicals who stay in Britain and cheer them on look more alarming. Friends of Mr Sharif have told reporters that they would like to follow in his footsteps. Hassan Butt, who boasted about recruiting for the Taliban during the Anglo-American war in Afghanistan after September 11 2001, says he is organising dozens of British suicide bombers.

It would not be a big mental leap for these people to start doing suicide bombings in Britain.

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