2003 May 14 Wednesday
Saudis Say Malibu Barbie Is Jewish

So then is Ken Jewish or is Ken under the control of Malibu Barbie?

The Al-Madina regional branch of the Saudi religious and morality police, formally known as "The Authority for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vices," recently launched its new website. (1) The site posts news items, citizens' violations, and includes a section that allows citizens to inform anonymously on persons they suspect of violating religious and moral laws. The following is a summary of the website's recent content:


Another section of the website, the "Exhibit of Violations," displays confiscated items from the "permanent collection of violations of Islamic law at Authority headquarters in Al-Madina." The section shows photos of perfume bottles shaped like a woman's torso, with text reading: "Perfume, but...! Examples of perfumes with good fragrances for women and evil bottles that harm the honor of the woman and undermine her morality. We must beware. The Prophet Muhammad said, 'Any woman who wears perfume and passes by people so they can smell it is a whore ...'" Also shown is a photo of several Barbie dolls, along with the text: "The enemies of Islam want to invade us with all possible means, and therefore they have circulated among us this doll, which spreads deterioration of values and moral degeneracy among our girls." On the photo, under the heading "The Jewish Doll," is a story titled "The Strange Request." The story reads: "One girl said to her mother: 'Mother, I want jeans and a shirt open at the top, like Barbie's!!' The dolls of the Jewish Barbie in her naked garb [sic], their disgraceful appearance, and their various accessories are a symbol of the dissolution of values in the West. We must fully comprehend the danger in them."

Are big-breasted skinny tall blondes with attractive high cheek bones a danger to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Or is it their fashion accessories that are the real danger? Or is there some synergistic effect going on? Picture Pamela Lee playing the part of an anti-Al Qaeda secret agent. Maybe the US military should show old Baywatch episodes to the Al Qaeda and Taliban guys down in Guantanamo and see whether doing this has any salutary effects.

Could this website claim about Barbie being Jewish be a subtle way for the Saudis to taunt the Jews? After all, some Jews already fear that they do not live up to the Barbie standard of beauty.

Catherine Steiner-Adair, director of education, prevention and treatment at the Harvard Eating Disorders Center, points out that basic hereditary and physiological factors make it almost impossible for most women, including Jewish women, to conform to the Barbie-doll ideal.

"One percent of our population is genetically predisposed to be really tall, really thin and busty. And it's not us - it's the Scandinavians," says Steiner-Adair.

Maybe the Saudis are not clear on what Scandinavians look like? Maybe the Saudis are so paranoid they think the Scandinavians are closet Jews or something similar? After all, a lot of Jewish scientists go to Sweden to get Nobel Prizes for scientific subjects. There has to be a Saudi explanation for this.

Of course the Saudis could have been fooled about this by a Jewish jokester.

First Lori told them, straight faced: "I saw Morah Barbie. She had a chalkboard, some bottled water and comfortable flat shoes."

In the audience, people began murmuring to each other in all seriousness: "I was in Toys R Us and I didn't see that!"

Then, Lori explained, "I saw Rebbetzin Barbie. She had a serious but sweet face and a very big pocketbook with everything in it that anyone could ever need: extra aspirin, a few hair clips, and plenty of tissues."

Now, I don't know what those italicised words mean. But if I did I bet it would be funny.

Speaking of Ken, well Ken is just totally out of control. Ken thinks he is a Scooby Doo character. Is Barbie behind this? Ken has been thru a lot of changes over the years. But this playing of Shaggy is a bit over the top. Can't he get acting work as Ken any more?

Found the original link on the Common-sense blog (which being a blogspot blog the link to it may or may not work - you gotta ask yourself, do you feel lucky punk? Well, do you?)

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Bob said at May 14, 2003 4:29 PM:

Oh, come on! Ken is a goy-toy. Everybody knows that!

jdt said at May 14, 2003 8:48 PM:

Actually, the inventor of the Barbie doll was in fact Jewish (and, if I remember correctly, she based Barbie on her daughter). Of course, you're correct that the typical Jewess is the inverse of Barbie.

"The designer of the blond, pert-nosed, impossibly wasp-waisted doll was Ruth Handler, daughter of Polish Jewish immigrants." ChristopherKnight LA Times

razib said at May 16, 2003 1:01 AM:

she ripped off the idea from a german sex doll.

Michael Turniansky said at September 10, 2003 6:01 PM:

The Saudi poster's comment is even more ironic in view of the fact that Orthodox Jews have the same problem with Barbie. See http://www.jewishworldreview.com/0301/msmodesty.asp

L. Rubin said at September 11, 2003 7:42 AM:

The Saudis are using this to further seed anti-semitism throughout their ignorant masses and the rest of the ignorant, easily deceived, Islamic world. I wish I could look like Barbie (the extra 40 lbs is pretty tough to lose); plus, I do not know a single Jewish woman, at least in the US, that seems to look like this. Non-Jewish, East European women, do seem to look like Barbie; maybe some of that could rub off in intermarraige? Plus, if it is the style of clothing, then the majority of Western world women (excluding religious muslims AND religious Jews) dress like Barbie casual, and would like to be able to afford most of the clothes she wears!


GrifiN said at September 13, 2003 6:34 PM:

The word Rebbetzin is Yiddish for a rabbi's wife. The connotation is not just any rabbi's wife, but one what is distinguished in her own right, do a search on Google for Rebbetzin and you will find sites of famous Rebbetzins.

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