2003 May 08 Thursday
Use Of Polish Special Forces In Iraq Bonds Poland And America

An article by Victorino Matus describes the Polish GROM special forces and their involvement in the war in Iraq.

Radek Sikorski observes that "It was wise for the United States to show countries who backed it in this war that they are appreciated. This will probably pave the way for more 'coalitions of the willing.' Poland took a lot of risks supporting America. It also took a beating from some of its European friends." Sikorski thinks this could be the beginning of a special relationship with the United States, akin to the one shared by Great Britain, but warns "it is still in the very early stages and much will also depend on America's staying power in the region, its willingness to remain interested in Central Europe. One thing the Americans could do is move their bases out of Germany and into Poland, which has less population density and greater space to conduct exercises."

The use of Polish special forces in Iraq gives Polish people something to feel proud about while at the same time in a very substantial way it makes the Poles feel as Poles allied with America rather than as Europeans. The US government should go out of its way to find ways to do military operations with willing allies. Doing so builds up a very substantial feeling of common cause and alliance between those countries that participate. These alliance activities serve the very useful exercise of creating sentiments in Europe that are in opposition to French and German attempts to turn Europe into a counterweight to American power.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2003 May 08 03:11 PM  Europe and America

Vincent Kondracki said at May 20, 2003 1:47 PM:

The Polish government and its troops displayed great
courage in supporting American and British forces in Iraq.
Poland should be proud of their dedication to the NATO alliance
when it was needed. I'm very proud to have roots.

Vince Kondracki

David Sneed said at July 5, 2005 4:00 PM:

The above articule by Randall Parker was correct. We owe the Polish people a special thanks for supporting us. Moving some of our military bases to Poland makes sense and should be done. Closer ties with Poland is a win win situation for both countries.

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