2003 May 01 Thursday
Most Americans Want Halt To Illegal Immigration

ProjectUSA reports a new poll that demonstrates once again that America's elites continue to ignore the wishes of the overwhelming majority on illegal immigration.

According to a Roper Poll released Tuesday by the United to Secure America Coalition, 85% of Americans consider illegal immigration to be a serious problem -- a majority believing it to be "very serious." Two thirds of us say the United States should actually set the goal of completely halting illegal immigration and should reduce the number of foreign nationals illegally residing in the United States to "near zero."

Furthermore, among that majority, a stunning four out of five respondents were willing to take very strong measures against illegal aliens, including "mandatory detention and forfeiture of property, followed by deportation."

Nevertheless, in clear contravention of the will of the American people, high officials in the Bush Administration continue to push aggressively to make it easier -- rather than harder -- for illegal aliens to remain in the United States. These officials are working behind the scenes in support of the matricula consular card -- the Mexican ID widely used by illegal aliens to access public services in the United States and to open bank accounts.

One such official is Bush political guru, Karl Rove, a staunch foe of the immigration reductionist movement. While sending mixed messages to Members of Congress about his position on U.S. acceptance of the Mexican ID card, Rove's underlings at the Domestic Policy Council (DPC) have been orchestrating a push to have the card accepted at the federal agency level. While the DPC did not return a call asking for verification, a source familiar with the struggle now going on in an inter-agency commission studying the issue says Karl Rove and the White House are behind strong pressure to endorse the illegal alien ID card.

In particular, the White House is working with factions within the State and Treasury Departments to override national security concerns from the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security as well as objections from those in the State Department who, rightly, understand that acceptance of the card will undermine many of State's functions.

A huge wave of illegal aliens is not inevitable. If the government offered a reward for each illegal alien turned in to authorities and if the federal government became efficient in deporting illegal aliens the presence of illegal aliens in the United States could be greatly reduced.

In some rural sections along the 2000 mile US Mexico border where a fence has been built crime has dropped 90%. Could a fence be built along the entire border in order to reduce illegal immigration and crime? A good example the cost of a sensor-rich high security fence structure is the fence which Israel is building on part of the Israel-West Bank border.

Israeli leaders have been discussing the idea since at least the mid-1990s, but it has taken the violence of the past 21 months to make it happen. In mid-June, Israel's government officially began construction of an initial, 66-mile section of the fence that will divide the northern West Bank from Israel. Set to take a year and cost nearly $1.7 million per mile, the initial phase will cover about a third of what Israelis call the "seam line" along the West Bank. Israel has already fenced off the Gaza Strip.

At $1.7 million per mile the US-Mexico border could be closed off for only $3.4 billion dollars. Let us put that in perspective. That is less than 5% of the $74.7 billion dollar cost of the war in Iraq. The proposed US federal budget for FY 2004 is $2.2 trillion dollars. A US-Mexico border fence would then cost 0.15% of a single year of the US federal budget.

It is not physically impossible or even very costly to drastically reduce illegal alien immigration. Many policy changes could have a dramatic impact on the number of illegal aliens in the US. The reason that there are large numbers of illegal aliens flowing into the US every year is that the elites see a net benefit to their own interests in allowing this state of affairs.

One way to seal the border in spite of elite opposition might be thru the state government initiative process. California has only 7% of the total US border with Mexico. Therefore a border fence between California and Mexico could be constructed for $238 million dollars if a state voter initiative was passed to order the construction of a fence on that border. Such a fence would reduce the flow of illegal immigrants into California and therefore eventually pay for itself in reduce costs for the California state taxpayers (illegals pay less in taxes and generate a lot of social services costs).

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jack johnson said at May 8, 2004 8:03 AM:

Building a fence would be an excellent idea but unfortunately the latins have too much political power so unless we have martial law and the military decides to put it up it wont happen. it's not likely to happen through a voter referendum.

Teresa T said at May 26, 2004 9:41 AM:

Can anything be done about illegal mexicans in the work place where I am verbally abused and harrassed by them every day? Can they be sent back to mexico because they are illegal? Is there anyone I can contact for information on this to solve this problem?

Brian Coker said at July 10, 2004 12:30 PM:

The Government no longer stands up for the American people. They are only interested in what they can monitarily gain by allowing lawbreakers to take our jobs. Use up our resources and spit in our face. There eventually will be another civil war in our own back yard. These people who break the law to get here, are so uneducated that they really believe they belong here. I hate to say it, but it will happen.

Stand up for what is right and continue to hammner at our so called government. our government is no longer for the people.

May God Bless America, because foreigners sure are not going to do it!!!

Derek Fagan-McHenry said at May 8, 2005 1:56 AM:

Sat, 7 May 2005 00:20:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: "derek mchenry"
Subject: Jose Ouinonez on Lou Dobbs Tonight 6 May 2005
To: contact@bluelatinos.org
CC: "Sondra Chavis" , "Lisa Fandel" , "Harold Johnson" , "Charlie Jones" , "derrick payne" , "sam putney" , "Brenda Session" , "Stephanie Spann" , "Stephanie Spann" , "Public Information"

7 May 2005

Jose Ouinonez
Blue Latinos

I was quite offended by your comments on the
Friday 6 May 2005 broadcast of the CNN network's
Dobbs Tonight program. I am especially offended,
make that pissed off, by your having a petition
your web site trying to get him fired. That will
First off, Lou Dobbs tells the "American" people
truth about illegal immigration. It is you blue
latinos, whatever the hell that is, that lie to
These vermin are polluting our land as they cross
the border of our sovereign nation. Thousands of
pounds of refuge are left every month by these
breaking and entering into my nation. Some more

1. 30%, 1/3, of the prisoners in the federal
penitentiary are ILLEGAL ALIENS. That makes them
criminals TWICE. It is illegal to enter this
without authorization in the first place and then
commit crimes like murder, rape, etc., you know
harmless shit. As if this were not enough, the
jails all over the southwest are spending
millions of
dollars housing ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS at the expense
their hard working, American taxpayers and are
being reimbursed by Presidunce Bush-Fox or the
in Washington, D.C. The state penitentiaries are
running at about 40% of inmates that are ILLEGAL

2. Parkland Hospital, in Dallas, Texas delivers
babies than any other hospital in this nation.
PERIOD!!! Over 60%, 2/3, of the babies delivered
Parkland are born to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. These so
called "anchor babies" are draining the counties
ability to give health care to the citizens of
County because so many of their resources are
spent on caring for people that will never pay a
single dime for these deliveries and don't belong
in the first damn place. This same scenario is
played out in hospitals across the nation. The
hospital in Bisbee, Arizona has to close because
ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS taking healthcare without
paying a
single penny for it.

3. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS like MS-13 gang members are
killing our citizens here in Texas, North
and all over the eastern seaboard. This
group of thugs are from El Salvador. BLUE
problem is so bad that the U.S. Justice
department has
formed a task force to hunt down and hopefully
these miscreants, much as it has had to do with
Mafia. MS-13 has also made threats against the
Border Patrol.

4. There is a rising rate of TB in the U.S. in
border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico,
Texas because ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are entering
nation without proper immunizations and are
this disease.
5. Over 42% of African AMERICANS are in direct
competition with ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS for jobs in
nation. You can thank God that the Congressional
Caucus is only a social club with no real power
political agenda for this. We built this nation,
literally, clearing the trees and a black man
laid out
the plans for our nations capitol. Not Mexicans,
Salvadorians or any other BLUE LATINOS. Black
and their descendants did.
6. Our school districts are going broke because
are too many ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS entering the
The Cedar Hill ISD, where I live, had planned for
districts growth based on AMERICAN children and
schools to accommodate them. However, the flood
"anchor babies" born to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS has
outstripped our budget and my property taxes have
up 37% and we are having to build more schools
Mexicans in this state as a whole and in Cedar
and Dallas County in particular are overwhelming
schools. I see this Mexican woman every morning
walking her 4 children to Highlands Elementary in
Cedar Hill. Those are 4 children that DO NOT
Cedar Hill schools. To add insult to injury, she
now about 7 months PREGNANT with yet another
that will drain our budget. That child will be
born at
Parkland which will absorb the cost and pass it
on to
me and all but one person this is being sent to
lives in North Carolina. The child will go to
Hill schools which will absorb the cost and pass
it on
to ME!!! Another ESL- English as a Second
teacher will have to be brought in to teach this
how to speak English, which they don't want to
Then this child will more than likely be in a
gang and have to be feed and housed in the Texas
Department of Corrections for years. The cost is

7. We are not anti-Mexican, as you asserted. We
anti-ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.However, I am personally
beginning to become anti-Mexican. When I call an
AMERICAN company and have to "push 1 for
English", it
irritates me to no end. When the ILLEGAL MEXICAN
IMMIGRANT ran into my daughter back in February
hurt her it began. When he got out of his car and
he "speakee no english" it got worse. When the
bill of the damage to her came in at over
$3,700.00, I
became anti-Mexican. Mexicans, at least in Texas,
don't carry insurance on their low riders or
8. I can not go to Minyards grocery store in
Hill, Texas, on a Friday afternoon to cash a
check. Why? Because every ILLEGAL MEXICAN
the area is there using Western Union to send
money to
Mexico. The line is just too long. So I go Friday
mornings. The amount of money being sent to
Mexico by
the amount of money that they oil fields in
produce. Mexico has one of the largest oil
reserves in
the WORLD and yet money sucked out of the U.S.
is the number one or two source of revenue in
What is wrong with this picture?

I could go on for days. Long story short. Don't
get on
AMERICAN television and tell your lies. Telemundo
available to you for your propaganda. Stop the
campaign to get a great AMERICAN, Mr. Lou Dobbs,
from an AMERICAN television network for telling
unvarnished truth about ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. We
will be
going to your web site, bluelatinos.org, and
just the opposite message to CNN using YOUR WEB
SITE!!! Now, get the hell out of MY NATION!!!!

Derek P. Fagan-McHenry
AMERICAN CITIZEN, Veteran, Patriot
Cedar Hill, Texas

Susan Trevino said at June 11, 2005 6:15 AM:

Dereck Mchenry, you know i came acrross this site thinking no one agreed or felt the way i do. im Mexican American i was born in Freeport Texas but raised half of my life in Toledo Ohio. after my parents died we decided to move back to Texas. both my parents were born and raised in Texas but i have had more problems with mexican Illegals!you spoke my every feeling i agree with you totaly they have called me every name you can think of even said i have betrayed my race because my husband is white and my children are half. im harrased because my spanish isnt what it should be. America isnt 4 Americans anymore, my daughter in law went to enroll her son in preschool last year they asked her if her son spoke english she said: of course he does, they told her there was limited space available he could not attend unless he spoke no english!!! whats this? we Americans cant send our children to school any more? i went to the local clinic its filled with Illegals no s.s cards they are the first 2 B seen FREE OF CHARGE! when i get 2 the window they tell me they cant see me cause i work!!!! i have to fill out forms in triplicate!!!!! just for them to tell me i dont have all the paper work . so i tell them how do these people get to see a doctor? well im told since they dont have any real papers they cant be expected to show proof of any thing. America is going 2 hell im lost in my own country, and i dont care what ANYONE calls me or thinks aboy me im tired of being harrased at the work place my daughter because she is half white being harrased by mexican children. this is her country!!!! im becoming very anti mexican i never thought i would say that but there it is. we are being over ran!! my husband is working the labor halls cause all the mexicans have all the jobs. if you pass by a labor hall one day look whos out there AMERICANS, looking for work. you go Derrick dont stop being who you are and dont 4 get there are people out here that feel exactly like U do . you know there was a movie we seen not to long ago about a bunch of people that got tired of all the violence in society they bought some land and moved out there and taught their children something about going into the woods that there were some kind of monsters in the woods i dont remember exactly how it went but they kept their kids from the violence. sometimes i wish i could do something to that effect im tired of being an outsider in my own land

James Jackson said at June 11, 2005 12:20 PM:

My first time coming out on a post website about illegal Imigration. I have a question, how do I report a company that I know for a fact that has a labor force of over 40 and only 5 are documented. I know because I have worked there for two years. I have talked to a mexican foreman who brought these men in with the help of one of his brothers who is a coyote. The foreman had told the owner last summer when an INS vehicle showed up at a corner store and the men disappeared the owner asked where they went and the foreman told him they had no papers. The owner said he didn't know it. The foreman told him he did, because he had told him when he hired them. One who is documented told me last week only himself and four others have papers. I quit the company yesterday and told one of the office bosses I was going to report them. And she squirmed and ask me not too. If anyone can give me info or has connections I will supply all the info addressess and job sites and names. The company is based in Rowlett TX and does work for the city of Garland Tx and Greenville TX contact me by email.

Randall Parker said at June 11, 2005 1:53 PM:


For information on how to report illegal aliens see Juan Mann's articles "How To Report Illegal Aliens - Updated DHS Version!", "How To Report Aliens II: DHS continues the INSanity!", , "How can someone REPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS or criminal alien residents to the federal government?", and "Reporting Illegal Aliens: 2005 Update".

Your best bets:

1) Use all the contact phone numbers, web sites, and other sources that Juan Mann mentions and contact them all.

2) Write a letter to Congressman, both your US Senators, President Bush, and the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security describe what you know about the illegals of this company and the company's behavior. Tell them you want the nation's immigration laws enforced.

3) If none of the places you write to and call up give you any satisfaction then also write to your newspaper.

4) Start your own web site and post the information in your letters on your web site.

desperate in alabama said at July 7, 2005 1:41 PM:

I have read the comments above and until recently I stood up for hispanics and translated for them I am american (white) and assisted many hispanics and was married to one until I saw more and more them using the government and also until My daughter was sexually abused by my husband who I had helped get papers for ...It has been 2 yrs and I am told that it is still under investigation My daughter is now going on 15 and wonders why the man hasnt been punished I own my own withdrew my petition for support and his papers have been revoked but he continues to use the SS num issued to him and the DL and Immigration card ..I have a 4 yr old by this man who when I divorced was told I had to let him see her cause there was no evidence or charges My concern for my daughter is great I have refused to let him see her But I know not what to do If there is not enough evidence to prosecute him for abusing my oldest how the hell do I get him out of this country so he can never come near my children again He is complaining that he will take me to court I told him to do so Im not sure what will happen...I do know he is now officially illegal now again and I do know that his family 1 own buisness illegally and without State health dept inspecting 2 they pay someone in Calif 1500dollars to bring more of thier family to the US and that only 1 out of the 10 that are here in Alabama are legal 3 he has filed income taxes and claimed children of other illegals to get the earned income credit pays them 300 dollars per child to claim them ...I want him gone what do I do and what can I do to report him using a invalid SS and DL and filing the taxes I want his ass (sorry but its upsetting) in jail and away from my kids ...I dont even know if theres away me and my daughter could file charges against him for what he did to her I have looked and looked this is the only site I found that I could ask and pray that I can get some help and advise .....Thank you for your time Desperate in Alabama

Jennifer Gonzales said at July 27, 2005 9:02 AM:

First of all, I want to say that I understand where a lot of your ideas in this forum are coming from, and I even sympathize with some of you. However, illegal immigration is not going to stop anytime soon. Don't be so angry with the illegal aliens, be angry that no one has thought of a way to stop this problem. First of all, the illegal immigrants are coming here because back home there is not enough money for their needs. I'm sure you can understand that, and of course it's not our fault, but what if we were born in that country? What if our family had no food or medicine? Immigration lets so many people from each country come here each year legally. If they made some laws about who the papers were given to, we wouldnt have so many problems. For example, we'll say that we're giving out ten visas to mexicans this year, are we going to give all of them to the Martinez family because they're first on the list? Screw that, give one to the Mendez family, one to the Garcia, etc. This way there can be at least one person to provide for each family. It's simple, it's easy. No more than one person per family has an excuse to come here unless they're expecting to get rich. Some people are here with their whole families, not just immediate family members either.

Also, my husband is from the poorest state in Mexico, down there they work in fields with no water, trying to grow crops, sew the rubber back on the bottom of their boots, sew the nipples together on the bottles after the babies bite them to pieces, eat beans at every meal, etc. My husband had two daughters to provide for, sometimes he couldn't afford to buy them medicine for fevers, etc., becaus ehe worked on his dad's farm for no money, only food if the crops turned out. I don't care who you are, or where you're from, when you have kids to raise, you will do whatever it takes, WHATEVER. I'm not saying that it's ok, I'm just saying who are we to deserve such wealth, and to complain about sharing it? Who gives a damn if they take $100 out of our paychecks? Is it going to kill us? Are we going to starve? I don't think so, we're in the United States. Maybe I can't afford to buy that new car, maybe I can't get that new house, because I make $500, and $160 goes to taxes. So what, everywhere I go they're speaking spanish, many years ago, when all of our immigrant great grandfathers and mothers were here they were speaking uncountable languages. Maybe what we Americans need is a reality check-we are no better than anyone else because we were born here. Go to Mexico and be hungry like I did, and open your eyes to our great living standards, if we have $10 in the bank, clean drinking water, a roof over our head, we're richer than 75% of the world. Give a little away, stop being so damn greedy!

Jennifer Gonzales said at July 27, 2005 9:13 AM:

By the way, not every mexican is bad, and not every one causes problems, those that abuse children, wives, or break any kinds of rules should definately be prosecuted and deported. I have a problem with a lot of mexicans I know, as a matter of fact, probably 75% of the ones I know I can't stand because they're disrespectful, uneducated, assholes. Pardon my language, but I do know some, and it may not be many, but some are genuine good human beings that deserve a chance, illegal or not, they're doing what they have to do to provide for their families. For the others who are here to take advantage of us, they should definately be deported, I just wanted to express that there should be some sort of immigration laws to help the truly unfortunate, but to weed out the bad-and money should be available for these purposes. Maybe we could just take all the people who are in jail and ship their asses to Mexico, and bring over the good people that are there. Sound like an idea?

Randall Parker said at July 27, 2005 9:33 AM:

Jennifer Gonzales,

We are richer than most of the world because we produce more. Are we greedy because we produce more? Or greedy because we want to keep wnat we produce? Maybe we should produce less then? Oh, but then we wouldn't have stuff for the rest of the world to demand it from us.

If the rest of the world wants more stuff they should produce more stuff. If they can't then they should stop having large families they can't afford to take care of.

As for people with babies they can't afford to feed: They should stop having babies then.

Since you have so much in the bank and care so much about Mexicans how about donating all your money to poor people south of the border?

Jennifer Gonzales said at July 31, 2005 11:01 PM:

Hi Randall, thanks for your thoughts, I don't like to tell people when I do "good deeds" because that's something I like to keep between me and the person I help, but just for you- last month I sent $1,000 to a sick Mexican baby, so that his parents could take him to a good doctor. I am not sure what was wrong with him, other than he had pneumonia, but he didn't make it. He died two weeks ago. I feel that I am doing my part to help out less fortunate people, if everyone gave a little it would make a big difference. And no, I am by no means rich, as a matter of fact our weekly income is about $350 after taxes, and we're a family of four.

I am not here to offend anyone. And you know, my sister said basically the same thing, don't have kids if you can't care for them. Randall, what if you found out today that you had cancer? Do you have money to get radiation? Can you cover the bills? How would you feel if you went to the doctor and they said if you can't afford it then you get to die? Of course, that wouldn't happen in most cases, because there are charitable organizations that would help, hospitals can not refuse anyone here, even if you owe them money.

Last of all, Randall, I'm not here to debate, I just wanted to give you a different perspective because I'm seeing a lot of racism and stereotyping going on in this forum. Think about this, what makes you "you"? If you're a religious person, you'll probably say your spirit- do you think your spirit was predestined to be placed in a body here in the United States? You could easily have been born to a mexican or african mother. The only thing different about you is that you were born here, and that isn't much at all, except you got free school, free immunizations, clean streets, nice homes , yada yada yada. Because you were born here you inherited a richness that was created centuries ago by our ancestors. In our lifetime I don't believe hardly any American has suffered like they have in another country, and yet, here you are, talking about what we produce. Mexicans could produce everything we produce if they were given free schooling and all the immenities that we inherited.

I guess my point is, you are taking like a spoiled rich kid who just inherited his grandfathers company, and explaining why you are better and deserve more than the rest because "you" produce more, and really you haven't done shit. You could easily be the poor kid two doors down, who probably deserves fortune more than you because he actually knows the value of hard work and sacrifice.

Jennifer Gonzales said at July 31, 2005 11:07 PM:

If anyone wants to comment on anything I said, just send me an e-mail, because I won't be coming back to this forum. I hardly ever write in forums because people on the internet get "big balls" hiding behind they're computer screens, and say a lot of nasty shit they wouldn't say in person because they'd get the shit slapped out of them.

Randall Parker said at August 1, 2005 8:23 AM:


Suppose I didn't have the money to pay for medical treatment and the state government just cut back Medicaid benefits because so many uninsured illegals and their kids were driving up the burden of paying for medical care for poor people. That'd be what I'd fear.

Yes, if poor Mexicans can't afford kids they definitely should not have kids. Every time they have kids here they expect the rest of us to pay for them.

I'm not a religious person. So that whole part of your argument doesn't work with me.

I'm not a spoiled rich kid. I'm a nationalist who wants to protect my nation from hordes of dummies flowing across the border imposing higher crime and crowding and ethnic demands and higher social service costs on the natives.

People say nasty shit? You've just accused me of being a spoiled rich kid. Hypocrite.

Oh, and I do produce more than you.

chad said at August 20, 2005 6:18 AM:

we would like to report an illegal alien... please send me an information & contact number. tnx.

Susan Trevino said at August 27, 2005 8:09 PM:

Desperate in alabama, I am truly sorry for the post from Jennifer Gonzales dont let people like that scare you off, Most of these bleeding hearts have never gone through what you have, or been hurt in any way by whats going on around them, But believe me as bad as its getting SHE WILL BE AFFECTED BY IT SOON. you may want to go to vdare.com and alipac.us maybe they may have some Ideas.

Susan Trevino said at August 27, 2005 8:11 PM:

Randall Parker tell it like it is YOU GO BOY!

desperate in alabama said at August 27, 2005 8:43 PM:

ty Susan I will

Enrique said at October 4, 2005 12:14 AM:

Report me, My parents came here illegally, i think they are still illegals. Some of my friends came here illegally and now they are fighting in iraq, report them too. Some little kids born here wont even go to war for their country, check out the last names of many of this countries fallen soldiers, bet their parents came here illegally a few years ago.....and now their kids are out their fighting for this country, while kids born into families with generations here in this country are too important to go to war and defend their own country. I did not go to war, not because I don't love this country but because I did not have too. I am happy being a beaner college student. That and because even if I do go to war for this country, I will still no matter what be just a dirty spick right? Oh well I still love my parents for coming to this country and Im happy I was born here. Even if Im a beaner.PUTOS!!!!!!!!!

Enrique said at October 4, 2005 12:15 AM:

Report me, My parents came here illegally, i think they are still illegals. Some of my friends came here illegally and now they are fighting in iraq, report them too. Some little kids born here wont even go to war for their country, check out the last names of many of this countries fallen soldiers, bet their parents came here illegally a few years ago.....and now their kids are out their fighting for this country, while kids born into families with generations here in this country are too important to go to war and defend their own country. I did not go to war, not because I don't love this country but because I did not have too. I am happy being a beaner college student. That and because even if I do go to war for this country, I will still no matter what be just a dirty spick right? Oh well I still love my parents for coming to this country and Im happy I was born here. Even if Im a beaner.PUTOS!!!!!!!!!

Nancy said at October 6, 2005 10:38 PM:

Wow, I'm trying to find out about border control issues. I'm kinda confused on how to address whether it's a problem or not. There are deffinately good and bad people out there. In fact, a lot of bad ppl come from really strict, religious, American, homes.
I feel for you Enrique. I think immigrants, illegal or not, should be given a fair chance at freedom in America. I don't know if it's true, but I hear that most immigrants come here just because the US is rich and can offer them jobs. Maybe this is the wrong accusation, but America does have to defend and protect itself. We do not want to be driven out of our own home. Maybe immigrants should consider being educated here and then returning to apply it to their own countries. It's not easy, but it's every man for himself these days. Not everyone can live in America, so encourage YOUR country to change it's laws, leaders, and other such habits.
9/11 has created real problems for the USA. The war in Iraq has produced more serious concerns on our country's safety. America has become paranoid, and for good reason. I think, Iraq is who we should be worried about. We should be more aware of middle eastern immigrants than those of Mexico and Canada.
So, Enrique, as an American citizen, I oppologize for treating you so harshly. I hope everything works out for you and thank you friends for defending us.

Elaine said at November 10, 2005 8:26 AM:

If 85% of Americans think the illegal immigration is a serious problem, then why are we not doing anything about it? They are taking our jobs, our homes, our money and yet live her tax free, because they are using someone else's name. And what do they do to that name when they are finished destroying it? Too many are coming up here and getting on welfare and we are paying for it. Not to mention, everyone must learn to speak spanish to communicate with them. Why did all the other countries that came across had to learn our language when the Latinos don't? Come on, how about our government take care of the American citizen first and maybe, when we do have a disaster in our country, we would have the money to help out our own people and not give it to welfare for illegals.

trouble said at January 30, 2006 1:20 PM:

It is really not about good or bad people. We are loosing our culture. America is a melting pot. Lots of different immigrants from all over that have come here to better their lives. Standing in line and learning about where you are going to live is a buffer to prevent the problems you are seeing now. Those problems are going to get worse if local, state and federal governments continue to not inforce already existing laws about this subject.

I am starting to become anti-mexican immigrant myself.

My neighborhood has changed. I can't speak with 70% of my neighbors. A nice couple with one child moved in a few months back. Two weeks later six to eight adults and six or seven children live in that house. They park their cars in the front yard for a couple of reasons. Number one because their is no more room on the street for parking cars because of other households that just have to own four to six cars. Number two, it is more convenient to work on your cars when they are parked in your front yard. Property values are on the shrink. Our school district can't figure out where all the people are coming from. That's because they average the homes and figure 1.9 children per household. They are here illegaly, do you think they actually fill out the sensus or for that matter any paperwork when they have to lie to get in the house in the first place.

My city is changing. Nothing but "under a dollar stores", used car lots, cheap tire shops, pawn shops and car repair outfits that will get you that state inspection no matter what. Makes me wish I had never moved to Irving. Our area of town is not exactly attractive to new business. If I wanted to live in Mexico, I would move there but they won't let outsiders own property. It's good to have nice neighbors.

It is a slap in the face to every immigrant that stood in line for years to get here legally. This one special group comes here gratis and then starts bitching about America. Why don't they start holding the country they came from accountable? I know it is because those countries don't give an damn. Our country will actually pay you money to get here illegally, print signs only for this one languge group (I have always wondered if that could be challanged as descrimination) get you a job, pay to have and raise your children and let you send all your hard earned money somewhere else so that country benefits from our American kindness as well.

Write anytime,

John Ramsey said at March 25, 2006 2:32 PM:

Many rich and powerful people support illegal immigration, for it provide a brilliant financial return on investment. Who else would build and do the labor cheaply for the creation of these upper crusted empires. Not only will they build your complexes, but they will rent and support these "leaders". Look at the adds "My father spent 40 billion on electronics this year" now put a mexican next to it.
Oh by the way does anybody know an illegal immigrant who has been audited by the IRS? Stop paying taxes now!, it is easy just become an illegal immigrant.
This is a tough fight, I say every real American should take part in border patrol, and the reporting of illegal immigrants.
To My Fellow Brothers

Terry said at March 30, 2006 11:49 AM:

12 million illegals. If granted amnesty they qualify to bring in their families from Mexico. At 1 wife and 1 kid (yeah right) thats 36 million. Current estimates for illegals on welfare is 37 billion dollars. 1/3 of prison population is illegals. With 36 million, what will this do to schools, welfare rolls? This is bigger disaster than Katrina. How much of money spent on illegals could have helped LEGAL citizen/victims of Katrina? If they ignore the laws, why should the 250 million LEGAL citizens obey laws? Lets all drive drunk, beat our wives and kids, rob banks, stop paying taxes. Why don't we? Because its illegal! This talk of amnesty is social chaos. I am so disgusted with the politicians and lack of any kind of sense of urgency.

Disgusted in California

Mike said at April 7, 2006 8:35 AM:

I grew up in DISD. I was raised to be a white mexican by the public school system. Through this and my experiences with them in the workforce as well, I have reasoned that it is smart to hate them. They are here to take. This will be the last nail in the coffin of the GOP, this burning of American flags, this call of anti-white genocide by our supposed "peaceful immigrant protestors". Hey, brown commies, you can take Bush with you when you go!

Susan Trevino said at April 9, 2006 7:32 AM:

I agree with you there! What is happening is only getting worse since the last time I posted on this board!
I looked out side my door and watched as the highschoolers left the schools and protested.
I pay taxes, my tax money went to pay for transporting ANCHOR babies, to protest!!!
What is worse is that there are so many kids that didn't really even understand what they were protesting about.
To these kids it was just a way to get out of school. Ya know I had dropped out of the fight against illegal immigration for a while.
I don't know if I was hoping it would straighten itself out or my beliefs or what.

However, I AM BACK! FIGHTING FULL STRENGTH! US AMERICANS need to stick together. Our country is falling apart! I don't know if I will call myself a white mexican, although that is what the illegals call me, (smile) but I will say that first I am an AMERICAN!!!
I want my country back! They are here to take. They take and then send money back home so that they can send for more family! fake I.D's and Socials. Most American buisnesses don't even check to see if they are real. They just want cheap labor. I have had it with watching them take to the streets. If we pulled something like that they would more than likley attack us for it. Ya think we will be protected by our government? No it is the illegals that they protect!
God help us all!!!

Allen Lenth said at April 11, 2006 6:52 AM:

Good Morning Ankarlo,

I waited on the phone this morning for about 20 minutes and then I had to get in to work.
No problem. Maybe you could air this any ways.

I want to organize a Border Bridge/Crossing Blockade and I would like your help. We have
two weeks to organize. I wan tto contact minute-Men and aevery other American citizen
who is sick of the border injustices we are all paying for.

On the First Monday of the US Senate's return every American should drive to the US
Mexican border crossings - even cross over and get onthe returning to US side and simply
park in forn of all entrances to the United States.

Then they should display signs from their windows that say, "NO MAS!"

That's "No More for you Gringos."

Can you help?

bentley said at August 19, 2007 11:14 PM:

"No Habla Engles" ? Screw you... I've no time for it. What might the odds be if I decided to (never happen) .. move to Mexico... say, 'well.. I don't speak your language, learn mine. By the way.. I want a job.. and I'm not going to pay any taxes. Hire a translater to help You communicate with ME. I'm going to screw a bunch of your women until we have 11 babies and I'm allowed to be a citizen here. Oh.. also.. I refuse to pay for any healthcare.. and our 11 babies shall be paid for by your own countries tax-paying folks." We're planning on getting a nice apartment in a nice residential neighborhood.. where we shall proceed to.. blast all of our favorite American music in your yards.. and sit in driveways and drink beer from noon till 4 am while our mexican wives are working for the money.. and we'll yell and scream in our foreign language. COCKroaches. period.

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