2003 April 28 Monday
How Saddam Bought Influence In The Press

Stephen F. Hayes describes how Saddam Hussein's regime spent money to get favorable coverage in the Arab and Western press.

At the same time, Saddam began to realize the importance of good press. "Media people were paid monthly by the Iraqi embassy in Amman," says Nimat, "in cash. They were also given presents, like cars and expensive watches." And Saddam built a "housing complex for the Jordanian Press Association" in Amman, according to Nimat, at a cost of $3 million.

Saddam bought good press in less obvious ways, too. "He would award big contracts to newspapers in Jordan to publish all sorts of stuff, like Iraqi schoolbooks and other things," says Nimat. "The contracts were worth millions, and no one ever found out if they ever printed the books. No one cared."

There should be many more juicy revelations to come on this with all the captured Iraqi regime files. My biggest concern on that is that the US intelligence agencies might classify all the captured files and not allow reporters and historians to spend a lot more time studying them.

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