2003 April 24 Thursday
North Korea Threatens To Export Nuclear Weapons

You might think the North Koreans would try to be semi-reasonable and say that they wanted nuclear weapons only to defend themselves against the United States. No way. Those nutcases are threatening to export nukes.

North Korean negotiators told U.S. officials in Beijing that the communist nation has nuclear weapons and threatened to export them or conduct a "physical demonstration," U.S. officials said today.

What, Ri Gun and the regime which he represents are not taking American goals seriously?

The comments by Ri, as reported by the administration official, suggest that North Korea is not taking seriously the U.S. goal of a "verifiable and irreversible" elimination of the North's nuclear weapons program.

This is called "waving a red flag at the big bull". The burden of proof is on those who think our cities will be safe even if North Korea builds up a large stockpile of nuclear weapons. How can we trust a regime that is so obviously deranged?

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2003 April 24 03:39 PM  US Foreign Weapons Proliferation Control

mike said at April 24, 2003 6:00 PM:

The NK's are making a huge miscalculation. They aren't going to get a blank check from the US, and the more belligerent and reckless the NK's get, the more worried the Chinese are getting. The Chinese aren't stupid and they know that they have more to lose in this than the US. The Chinese may be forced to act to bring down this regime in order to protect their economy and prosperity.


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