2003 April 23 Wednesday
Theodore Dalrymple On "a break-in went wrong"

Back in early March 2003 the UK Independent ran an article about a break-in in London in which the burglars killed the old woman they found in her home.

Detectives investigating the "horrific and senseless" murder of Victoria Adu-Mensah, 83, in south London, are investigating the possibility she was killed after a break-in went wrong. They are also looking at links to other attacks on elderly people in the area.

Theodore Dalrymple comments on the report:

Thugs break into an old lady’s home and murder her in the most brutal way imaginable, and the police consider her death as an unintended consequence of a normal and even acceptable event, a kind of meteorological freak accident that occurred without the intervention of human agency. A journalist, almost certainly a university graduate, accepts this without demur, because it happily coincides with his newspaper’s liberal outlook.

Yes, if only the break-in hadn't taken a wrong turn and accidentally created a tragedy it would be considered a normal event. Nothing to get alarmed about. The tragedy about this is that this old lady was legally defenseless. Given that victims who injure or kill an assailant in Britain are on very weak legal ground this old lady probably had no legal way to defend herself even if she had had the means. Though there are people who have thought up some creative ideas for how to defend oneself in Britain in spite of the law.

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