2003 April 22 Tuesday
Rumsfeld Memo Argues For Regime Change In North Korea

US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has circulated a memorandum within the Bush Administration arguing for a joint diplomatic effort with China to somehow pressure North Korea's leaders to give up their control of their country.

WASHINGTON, April 20 Just days before President Bush approved the opening of negotiations with North Korea over its nuclear program, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld circulated to key members of the administration a Pentagon memorandum proposing a radically different approach: the United States, the memo argued, should team up with China to press for the ouster of North Korea's leadership.

Any diplomatic attempt is probably destined to fail unless it is backed up with a credible threat to use force. Could Kim Jong-il and his top assistants be convinced to give up power and go into exile in exchange for large amounts of cash and immunity from prosecution? It seems unlikely. Still, given the unappealing alternatives perhaps it is an approach worth trying at least.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2003 April 22 01:33 AM  Politics Grand Strategy

SharpShooter said at October 23, 2003 10:48 PM:

I see this as a creative, intelligent attempt at breaking through the years of ingrained, habitual tit-for-tat mindset in OUR leaders and in NorK's leaders... Try something different! Rumsfeld did. Good for him! China is coming to see the benefits of trusting 'we the people', even while much of its elite-leadership fights a rear-guard action to limit freedoms and prolong centralized government.

The realities are written in flaming letters on Peking's walls... centralized control dooms us to inferior, catch-up and second-rate. We WANT to be first-rate, therefore we GOTTA LET OUR PEOPLE BE, freely and positively, so they can learn to make mistakes and make right decisions at THEIR levels, their front-lines... We GOTTA emulate *yuk* America, (much to our chagrin) because that will give us tremendous power to grow, develop, innovate...

So China provides leverage to induce NorK to change the game.

Might work.

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