2003 April 10 Thursday
Russian Spies Competing With CIA In Baghdad For Regime Info

The Russians are trying to grab information from Saddam's fallen regime before the CIA gets to it.

Russian newspapers have cited anonymous intelligence sources saying that a unit of the Sluzhba Vneshni Razvyedki (SVR) - the Russian foreign intelligence service and equivalent of MI6 - has been sent to Baghdad to secure the Russian embassy compound, and hoard there the invaluable archives of Saddam's regime.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2003 April 10 09:11 PM  Military War, Rumours Of War

Bob Hawkins said at April 11, 2003 1:20 PM:

The Russians undoubtedly recognize the value of the Iraqi intelligence files. Many years ago (1986, to be precise), a former head of the French intelligence service published his memoirs. He thought that one of the reasons the Soviets were willing to lose a couple hundred thousand men to capture Berlin in 1945, was to get the Gestapo's files. Those files tell you who can be bribed, and for how much. And the blackmail potential is huge.

I notice the report of the Iraqi embassy in Brazil burning documents. What were they planning in Brazil? And Iraqi expatriates broke into the Iraqi embassy to Iran, and stole documents.

I just hope the rapidity of Baghdad's fall dropped most of Iraq's records in our hands.

Bob said at April 11, 2003 3:13 PM:

Perhaps, we should station a few marines and a couple check-points to protect the Russian embassy from looters.

In fact, I would think all the embassies of countries who opposed Iraqi Freedom might need protection from angry crowds of previously oppressed Iraqis. Since these countries strived for the continuance of death, torture and general misery for the people of Iraq, wouldn't any legitimate Iraqi government simply ask these folks to vacate Iraq?

James Love said at May 21, 2005 1:36 AM:

I hope that your spies around the world would be independent financially. Mybe it is not necessary to increase their numbers.

We can help you to stablish a militant station in Tangeh Hormoz. Still Americans are hostile. We do not have any hope for reconciliation.

I would like to visit Russia. My leg was broke in a purpose accident in the railway station in Tehran. British government because of political matters do not care about my case. The regime in Iran accepted it's responsibility.They made me disable.Now they have given me to the hand of the muslims to look after me. Even here I do not have peace in mind about muslims.I am looking forward to live somewhere that

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