2003 April 07 Monday
Guy Milliere says France No Longer A Western Country

Frenchman Guy Milliere argues France is Not a Western Country Anymore

Gang rape has become so frequent that a new word, used by the rapists themselves to define their hideous actions, is used by everybody: tournantes (revolving). To the rapists, the woman is nothing, a mere object to be thrown away after use. The people who speak about "revolving" seem to forget a human being is involved as the victim. Policemen do nothing. Every decent person knows the problem is Islam, but no one dares to say it. It could be dangerous. The streets are not safe.

Repeated gang rape victim Samira Bellil has published a book in France entitled Dans l'enfer des tournantes (or "In the hell of the tournantes") which documents the gang rape attacks in French Muslim ghettoes.

Published last month, the book has shocked France with its graphic accounts of the attacks and Bellil's impassioned denunciation of the increasing violence and sexual abuse committed against young women in the banlieues. Since 1999, rapes within the banlieue have increased by 15% to 20% every year.

For more in French policy toward Arab states see Amir Taheri On France's Arab Policy. For more on the Muslim ghettoes around Paris and other major French cities see Theodore Dalrymple on French Ghettoes. For information on Muslims as a growing portion of the population of European countries see the chart from this article from The Economist which shows Muslims as a percentage of total population of several European countries. Note that France is number 1 in the list.

France is not unique in having Muslim rape gangs. There are Lebanese Muslim rape gangs in Sydney Australia.

Last month The Sun-Herald revealed that police were dealing with a similar phenomenon in Sydney, where dozens of sexual assaults appear to have been carried out by young Muslim immigrant men, allegedly mostly Lebanese, against young non-Muslim women. As recently as this month, a 17-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in Margaret Street, Greenacre, by three young men described by police as "of Middle-Eastern extraction", a term now regarded as a police euphemism for "probably Lebanese".

Brenda Walker thinks multiculturalism is an intellectual fraud and that we shouldn't import misogyny thru immigration.

See Guy Milliere's later essay France is Almost Finished.

A few weeks ago, a young Arab burnt a teenaged girl alive in the suburbs of Paris. He was convicted of murder, but he became a hero and an example for other young Arabs living in the same kind of areas. Two month ago, ten Arab men who raped another teenaged girl in another district were convicted and condemned to spend five years in jail. Yes, just five years. Their families left the court of justice shouting to the journalists it was unfair and they would look out for revenge. Eight days later, the court was burnt down during the night. The teenaged girl and her family have had to leave Paris, and hide in another part of the country.

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James Jones said at April 8, 2003 10:40 AM:

Very interesting and very sickening. No woman should have to live with this kind of terror and oppression. There are many things that are rotten at the core of the so-called "religion of peace." This is just another example of the inherent conflict between the medieval mind-set codified in Islam and modern, Westernized societies.

A society premised on multi-culturalism depends for its success on a basic agreement about individual rights and responsibilities among all racial, ethnic, and religious groups. If numerically significant groups do not share this consensus, then multi-culturalism degenerates rapidly into group conflict or criminal anarchy. The European and Australian experiences raise these questions:

1) Are multi-cultural democracies inherently more fragile than monocultural democracies?

2) Is a policy of rapid assimilation for immigrants required for the success of a multi-cultural and/or multi-racial democracy?

3) Do multi-cultural elites have the self-confidence and cultural assurance necessary to impose order on disorderly minorities?

Best regards,

Adrien Terouc said at April 15, 2003 12:32 PM:

I am French, I live in France.I read Mr Milliere's article : surprising, for it underlines genuine aspects of both political hypocrisy and social disorder in France, which seems not usual in a french mouth !
France actually sustained dictatorships in Africa, encounters high bribery in its political life and has always been prone to antisemitism... A french non biased point of view is utterly able to understand that. Nonetheless, which western democracy could claim it is a paragon. Not the USA : it sustained right-wing dictatorships in South America (Pinochet...), and the links between both its top managers and some policy makers reamins unclear (cf Dick Cheney...).
But in fact, this kind of debate made of "Look at all the disgraceful things your country has done !" , is not what interested me in Milliere's article, for it's a mere titillation of stupid nationalism from the both sides of the atlantic !
No, what has disturbed me most was the fact that this kind of articles will give the impression that all the French people are rotten : the main opinion delivered by the power brokers is one thing, but what the layman in the street thinks is another. Despite that, through Milliere's article, every American who reads it will consider that this descrption is shrewd for every French he may meet ! For me, it's revolting : how would you react if I told you that all Americans are fat Big Mac eaters, preferring to see on Fox News any non american citizen killed to ensure the security of its inane day to day life (ie watch Rambo I II III, cut the grass and wash the car all day long) ? Of course, you would laugh, for it's wrong. But you would also feel angry, for it's injust.
Never forget the title of "Le Monde" on 9/11 : "Nous sommes tous Américains" (We are all Americans). In front of our television we felt as much hurt as if the planes had crashed on our soil. Have you been told this solidarity in the USA ? I hope so. Now you understand I am sad when I see Milliere's article, a frustrated man whose political trend has never succeeded to come to power, taking part in France bashing where our countries, which are not really different if you consider the aspirations of the people, should be the closest friends.

John Adlam said at April 16, 2003 12:42 PM:

Adrien: Thank you for your opinion re: Guy Milliere's latest article. I am an American reading Milliere for the first time, and your comments offered some balance. However, your fears about how Americans will respond to reading such an article are somewhat misplaced. After all, Mr. Chirac has been, and continues to be, almost everything that Milliere alleges. Milliere is not the first editorialist to expose Mr. Chirac's self-serving history. The truth is that most Americans are like me; they will allow anyone a chance to identify himself, and then treat the individual accordingly. Sure, there are those non-thinkers who will mindlessly attach to anything that supports their prejudices, but I do not believe that they represeent the majority. Thanks, again, for your opinion.


nicolas said at June 8, 2003 9:35 AM:

I agree with adrien comment.
Unfortunately, france has seen a preponderance in the power of leftist people.
Consider those facts:
.Jospin, former prime minister, main candidate for the left in the last presidential election, is a former "trotskyst" (hardcore communist revolutionnary group). he never acknowledge his belonging to this and never said it was mistake.
.Edwy Plenel, head of the newspaper "le monde" the main newspaper in france, considered as a reference.
.Herve Bourges, last head of the Media regulation authority, is also a former leftists, converted to islam, and a algerian citizen. he now organize the "year of algeria" with the biggest means ever for this kind of operation.
.The president of the first private channel, canal +, was a leftist who dedicated his life to support Miterrand (left leader and former president)
.A massive immigrant population from maghreb, that votes up to 80pct on the left, and many on the extrem left. I do not need to say anything about their feelings against the jews and the french after the massive synagogue burnings incidents and jews bashing form october 200 (and counting...) .

And those are just a few illustration of the phenomena.

Now does it mean that france as a wole is represented by that?
Absolutely no.
Those situation presennted are totally unnatural if you consider french history, or french aspiration for the future. one has to consider that french have been fooled big time to accpet the possibility of such a situation.
And, by the way, this is going to cause a big problem inside france itself.
Those other irrational situation like "le pen", the extrem right guy, at 20 pct on he last presidential election are a sign of such a crisis.

So how did it ended up like this?
The answer lies in motivation of those activists.
Those hardcore revolutionnary communists adopted an attitude of fight against the democratic system.
Against them, people who were trying to make things work, but without a coherent structure and motivation.
They, on the other hand, were many to dedicate their life to take the power, sink their opponents by all means, create flaky associations to tweak the media in their favour, exploiting the misery, holding simplistic stance on complex problems.
Of course corruption was one of their major tool. Once put at the head of the state, corruption has been a common place around Miterrand, and many people of his entourage "suicided" (closest friend francois de grossouvre, former prime minister and left leader beregovoy).

The key to their succes was to adopt the tool of democraty, and tweak them into weapons to make a democratic war.
They indeed won the battle, but they are not representatives of france as it is inspired to be.

That is why talking aout france as a whole is not justified.
One has to see what, eactly, evolved.
This is not a call to not talk or have opinion about it, by requiring you to be exhaustive to be allowed to have an opinion, but rather to say that there are many signs that the situation is really peculiar right now, and that a major crisis, or changes, might be under way.

Anyway, whatever the future is, it is engraved in today's situation, so you'll see if my analysis is totally wrong (also the beginning has already happened). Let's hope that people of goodwill and of courage will always be able to recognize each other, and the world will be a good place to live in.

nicolas said at June 8, 2003 9:44 AM:

sorry, for edwy plenel, editorial head of le monde, he is a troksyst too.
he never, just like his friend jospin, said it was a bad think.

Also, he is so important in the background that he was giving orders to the last socialist government.
He is the one who named, for instance, the head of the french police.
(yes, you read well, it has been shown by journalist pean, and confirmed by the former socialist minister claude allegre)

This kind of behaviour is a perfect example of how parallel power hacked into the politic circles in france.
They have been doing that in the name of trotskysm initially, and now i wonder what motivates them.
it might still be it, or a new form of crazyness that i haven't heard of yet.

kevin said at June 10, 2003 5:05 PM:

""Never forget the title of "Le Monde" on 9/11 : "Nous sommes tous Américains" (We are all Americans). In front of our television we felt as much hurt as if the planes had crashed on our soil. Have you been told this solidarity in the USA ?""

yes we have, but such condolences expressed by the French (and other Europeans) have all been qualified by smug statements such as "but you Americans deserved it...." and "that's what you get for your foreign policy..." etc.

sorry, but the French "hurt" over 9/11 was so painfully insincere it makes me cringe to read what you have written above. how else do you explain the fact that almost half of the French wanted the US/UK/Coalition forces to lose in the Iraq War to Saddam?

H.Y. said at October 24, 2003 12:17 PM:

La Ilaha Illalla Muhammad ur Rasullullah

Ya Ayyuhan Naas, Oh Mankind be Dutiful to Your Lord who created you from a single seed, so that you may be among the blessed and for you will be gardens of paradise and for the sinners will be the fire whose fuel is men and stones

This is a bloody shame what Muslim youths are doing in France. In Islamic law, Shariah, the Quran, and the Sunnah, the teachings of the Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wasallam, what is going on counts among the greatest sins. If these bastards were in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or in an Islamic country, they would be stoned to death. Have you no shame young men of France? Muslims are obligated to set an example for the rest of the world, that we have been revealed the Quran, that we may achieve salvation through believing in God and his servant Muhammad pbuh. Men, God has made us the protectors and defenders of women. If we see a woman, ANY WOMAN, being mistreated by someone, let alone her Brother or Father, but by a STRANGER, it is our duty to defend that women since she is our SISTER. Brothers, how can we allow our sisters to be defiled in this un Islamic manner? I pray to God that all these criminals who do these things be punished in this world and in the hereafter.

I recently read in New York Times about the rise of Islamic identity in France, and how the government was beginning to treat Muslims on an equal footing with Jews and Christians. I read how Muslims had for decades been forced to pray in basements and office buildings and apartments: now they were getting ready to build grand mosques, complete with domes and minarets. God is great I thought. Islam is on the rise: not by dint of our armies but by the hearts of our people.

I plea to good believers in France and the rest of the world to condemn these horrible actions. We Muslims used to laugh at how in America every 8 seconds a woman is raped. Not in our countries, we said, oh no, we follow teachings of Rasulallah and we are good people. Now look at this: for God's sake do something about this Muslims brothers.

God will ask not only the perpetrator but also the witnesses those who stood by watching their sisters getting harmed. For you cowards is the hellfire; stand up to these criminals and protect our sisters. For those Muslims who read these stories and say oh this is a Zionist conspiracy, Muslims could never do such things, shame on you too. It is damn time for us Muslims to drop our victomology and stand up and cleanse our religion of its bad seeds.

Californio said at October 24, 2003 4:23 PM:

The article fills me with anger and sadness. I do not assume that I know all about France, indeed I acknowledge that I am ignorant about that country. However, my impression is that the average French citizen likely believes they know "all" about the USA. I come from a community of that is "macho" and "economically challenged." Yet if the actions stated in this article happened in my community - the gutters would run with the blood of the rapists. We believe in defending family honor - and that would mean that Fathers would condemn rapist-sons for bringing dishonor upon la familia. Sadly, the French groups mentioned in the article are not constrained by a similar sense of honor and respect. To such persons I say "Stay away from California - the climate here would be very bad for your health."

P.S. Such persons may try to dismiss my final comment by beating their chests about how tough they are.....My ancestors in Spain dealt affirmatively with such delusions held by your ancestors - we were, and continue to be, unimpressed.

Debbie, USA said at January 2, 2004 7:49 AM:

Just why are the French being so hush-hush about this horrible situation? Why aren't they taking up for their native French women/girls? I continue to read horrid stories such as this in amazement. I am never 100% sure of anything, but I can say with as much surety as possible that I don't think there is any way Americans would ever let this happen in the US. I agree with the person from California, if the government did not take action fast on something such as this, the people would definitely step in and take care of it.

Why have the French kept sweeping this problem under the rug? Why are the French always so afraid of being politically incorrect? Isn't this very similar to how Hitler got as far as he did? Didn't the Europeans ignore the problem for fear of being politically incorrect? There comes a time when you have to place blame where blame is due. This is not only a problem in France, as I understand it, and all native French people need to pull together with the other countries having this very same problem and do something about it. Your voices definitely need to be heard if it isn't already too late for France.

I can't say that I have been happy with the French lately, or their attitude towards Americans for many years now; but we are cousins and though we disagree on many issues, especially lately, we have always been there to help one another because we have very similar beliefs. Don't just sit there and let these people take your country! Do something and do it now before it's too late. How could you just sit there and let these Muslims do this to your women/girls???

Catherine said at January 17, 2004 6:21 PM:

"how would you react if I told you that all Americans are fat Big Mac eaters, preferring to see on Fox News any non american citizen killed to ensure the security of its inane day to day life (ie watch Rambo I II III, cut the grass and wash the car all day long) ? Of course, you would laugh, for it's wrong. But you would also feel angry, for it's injust."

Just coming to this thread, so it's too late to comment, but I'll weigh in in case others follow the LGF link here . . . I appreciate Adrien's distress that American readers will think Milliere's article accurately depicts all of French life. It certainly doesn't. Not one of our friends in Paris, including our Jewish friends, seems to feel remotely threatened by Muslim violence. I'm not sure any of them would have a clue what Milliere is talking about. At least, that's my sense.

On the other hand, I have to react to what I see as the anti-Americanism of Adrien's comment that Milliere's article would be on a par with Adrien accusing all Americans of being "fat Big Mac eaters." How exactly is being overweight and eating junk food on a par with routine rape and out-of-control crime in the banlieu? Granted, salivating over non-white dead people on Fox News sounds a little raw, but given that the non-white dead people on Fox News are those we've killed in war, I don't see the moral equivalence there, either. We're fighting an insurgency in Iraq: I want us to win, and them to lose. Most Americans feel the same.

The majority of adults in America are overweight--is it 2/3 of the population now? Most of us eat Big Macs, and a lot of us watch Fox News and hope for victory, which means, yes, dead Arabs. Not to speak for other folks, while I wouldn't call my own life inane, I would call it mundane, which is probably just as bad in the eyes of our many critics in France and elsewhere.

I'm glad that Adrien rejects anti-Americanism, but a true rejection of anti-Americanism will mean tolerance and even affection for ordinary Americans leading ordinary lives. Contempt for our weight, our fast food and our television viewing habits **is** anti-American.

Muslim girl who went to France and knows it isnt about Islam said at January 18, 2004 7:56 PM:

I am a Muslim American girl and recently visited France and was shocked by how I was treated by the young Muslim men there. Contrary to what you say, these men were not practicing, observant Muslims. And contrary to what some traditionalist Muslims might say, the problem was not me travelling alone, it was that these guys were not held accountable for their actions. I was often propositioned for sex on the streets for no reason and returned home feeling violated.

It is a double slap in my face that you accuse Islam of promoting rape, aggression towards women, and objectifying women. Islam is my center of morality and my center of peace. Respect that. The problem is not Islam, it is the lack of awareness of Islam.

How can it be when Islam prohibits fornication that it would allow rape? How could it be when the Quran says to "curb your hands" (not be violent) except in cases to defend the oppressed? Have you taken time to study Islam in depth or are you drawing conclusions from reading just a little ?

There is a problem in these French young men, I know it from first hand experience. But the problem is not Islam...its is the lack of awareness of Islam. Why is there a lack of awareness? Because these immigrants come from countries like Algeria which were dominated and who were forbidden to practice and learn about their religion for years. Plus, These rapes happen in ghettos ..these people are not educated! I have many Muslim guy freinds in USA who are professional and courteous. Trust me we do not have this problem in the USA which also has a growing population of muslims. Perhaps it is because we were not brought in as blue-collar workers and were not colonized by the USA. Instead, most people came as immigrants seeking more opportunities for education and work.

The ideas of chivalry were exchanged with the courageous Moorish fighters in medeival Spain. Today in Cordoba I believe the Spanish men carry down the courteous chivalry of the Moors (futuwwat is the Moorish word for chivalry) and yet they don't realize it. The situation in France with some of these men is opposite....Its not because they are practicing Islam and its not because they are liberals. It is subversive and subhuman.

Still, please don't blame a religion that you have not researched because you are supressing a moral compas that forbids violent and aggressive sexual acts.

Randall Parker said at January 18, 2004 8:03 PM:

Sadeya, The French colonization of Africa ended over 40 years ago. That is a long time. The French did not ban the practice of Islam in Algeria in any case.

Why is it that Muslims always see outsiders as the cause of problems with Muslims?

American Muslims are about 2 tenths of the US population. In France they are about 10% of the population. So in France the Muslims do not have to assimilate to French standards.

Courteous chivalry of the Moors in Spain: On come on. Stop the historical fantasizing. The Moors were forced out over 500 years ago. Their influence has greatly dwindled.

Muslim girl said at January 21, 2004 4:26 PM:

1) I don't need to fantasize about history because I have a degree in Middle Eastern History from one of the most prestigious universities in America. How much have you read about it?
2)The French people brought Algerian immigrants to work in blue collar jobs so many of them (the ones in the ghettos that you complain about) are not educated enough to know the moral standards of France or Islam. That is the point.

3) Chivalry of Moors and influence of the moors is a continuing fact of life (You obviously are ignorant of that) but I don't have time to give you a history lesson.

4) All of my freind and myself observe Islam and are stellar citizens. America is lucky to have us.

5)Why is that you are blaming America's problems on Muslims? Did we create the drug problem, high divorce rate, high deficit, or tell you to waste your money on Iraq?

Randall Parker said at January 21, 2004 4:47 PM:

Sadeya/Muslim Girl,

1) The Middle Eastern departments of many top American universities have been radicalized by leftists and Islamists. I can't take your degree to mean all that much. There is too much propaganda being taught in US universities, and not just about the Middle East.

2) A lot of the immigrants to France snuck in illegally. So the argument that the French brought them there runs up against the fact that they chose to come themselves and in many cases against the laws of France.

3) Chivalry of Moors: Chivalry in the Middle Ages Chivalry is a bunch of pretty myths. The reality was much more ugly and brutal in both Muslims and Christian lands.

4) Yet there are people who are Muslims, both Americans and non-Americans, who hate America and try to harm Americans because of what they learned from Islam.

5) Most of America's problems are not caused by Muslims. But Islam is not compatible with the beliefs about government and individual rights that America was founded upon. There is no room in Islam for a total separation of state and religion. Islam is political.

Muslim girl who went to France said at January 22, 2004 8:00 PM:

Face it, your message is you hate and blame Islam. I just encourage your readers to research it in depth. In any case, there are 1 billion Muslims and its the fastest growing religion in America. Sorry but you can't launch a crusade and exterminate us all because it has never worked before. Sure a few people can be killed here and but the message and the faith will remain.

1) Propaganda being taught in Universities? You use one sweeping statement to defy everything I say? It sounds like a conpiracy theory to me.
2) It is a historical fact that even French teach in schools...the French brought North African immigrants to work in blue collar jobs when they needed them. Some immigrants are illegal, but not all.

I don't blame France because I think its present stance is a positive one. 2003 was made "year of the Algerian" because France acknowledged that is was part of the problem in Algeria. I know because I was in France during the start of that yar. It is a historical fact that France violently colonized Algeria and there was a violent backlash.

I don't blame France for all of the problems in North Africa. BUt I also do not blame 1 billion Muslims or the Islamic religion for what some people in a ghetto do. That is like blaming blackness for the crimes in America's ghettos. And it is parallel since we know the blacks were oppressed.

Islam prohibits aggression and fornication, and thus rape is prohibited.

3) Yes chivalry had its myths in the stories of King Arthur. In any case, the Quran tells Muslims to fight to protect the oppressed. That is why my personal opinion is that the Moors did affect the present day chivalrous attitude in Andalucia. I do think the men in Cordoba are still extra caring to this day, and even more than in Madrid.

4) Yes, there are people brainwashed into thinking that Islam allows for what they have done. They think they are fighting a just war against an oppressive imperialist nation...however that is more influenced by third world marxism and guerilla tactics. However, I have read the Quran and I know that the methods of war that have been used by terrorists are not justified by the teachings of the Quran or scholarly traditions. One case in point is that the Quran and scholarly traditions do not allow for surprise attacks, and the Quran says to be precise in war. Also, jihad is only for self defense. But one has to really study it to know that...and in most cases...as you said, the influence of scholarship in Islam has dwindled...most of those people don't know enough.

The problem IS political and IS about domination. The truth is that the idea of fighting against an Imperialist power is more from the guerilla tactics of third world Marxists. An example is Che from South America. It is not the proper form of "jihad".

5) Islam allows for a consensual government and basically has a "live and let live" attitude. . I believe pluralism and human rights and Islam are compatible but of course these issues are controversial in this world today and this discussion can go on forever. I'd suggest you read more books about it.

6) I do agree that France shouldn't tolerate everything, even if its trying to be liberal and open to Muslims. Like I said, I had first hand experience being disrespected.

In conclusion, I doubt you can wipe out Islam, or religion for that matter. I would instead encourage learning about it. If people learned about it they can find peace knowing that at least the religion does not promote rape or terrorism. And it is more powerful to confront a group of people and tell them they are not following their own teachings. It would go much further in solving the problem to allow people to educate themselves about Islam than to fight it and but them on the defensive.

Muslim girl said at January 22, 2004 8:07 PM:

Oh by the way,nice try to reveal my name when I obviously kept it anonymous. AND VERY DISRESPECTFUL TO A WOMAN.

Slightly amazed said at July 1, 2004 11:17 AM:

I must say the above debate is very revealing if you read both sides with an open mind. I have to say that after reading between the lines and having my own personal experience living in a muslim country for 5 years, I can't really agree with either side. My recomendation is to go out and find a lot more info from a lot more points of view and make up your own mind.

Anti Sal said at August 19, 2004 3:28 PM:

If you don't like Islam critcized, just make sure that the Muslim gangs rape their own women and leave those outside of their faith alone. And while you are at it, say that the genocide in the Sudan has nothing to do with Islam and the acid in the face of women in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, nothing to do with Islam.

Have you kept track of the genocides in the modern world? They have everything to do with Islam. And rape has been used by the Muslims historically from the times of Muhammad. You have made sacred a book which has so many surahs about how to be cruel, how to whack off heads, finger tips and hands and feet and crucify people. Women are just a field for men to plow with guess what!

Little boys are exposed to basically explicit sexual material from the time they are old enough to talk. What do you expect.

You defend a religion because it makes you feel "peaceful" and it doesn't matter how many suffer and die to keep up the facade of a religion full of dead man's bones.

Why defend a religion where it is said of women that most of the go to hell. And quite frankly watching men with their 72 babes sounds like heaven is no more than a brothel. Women are objects. Here and there.

So what if they rape, just strap some dynamite around their chest and you have a hero!

The best religion is not this religion, haveing no religion would be better than this, if this is the legacy you want to bless the world with. Unending carnage just so you can feel peaceful. And I have read the Koran, the question is, have you!

alison said at January 20, 2005 7:16 PM:

what goes around comes around. The white man raped and brutalised women in countries that was not theirs now the same is being done to their women

Joe said at May 20, 2005 11:45 PM:

I think back to the French oil tanker, the Limbergh, that was bombed in a boat off of Aiden, Yemen in 2002. They caught the people who did it and when they were taking their statements afterwards one said, "Well, of course, we'd have liked to have had a US Navy destroyer. But, that's ok. They're all infidels."

Muslim Girl, I don't know if you'll ever come back to this forum, but if you think that these gang rapes and Beslan and bombings of Jews in Israel and beheadings in Iraq aren't reflections of Islam, you're living in a delusional fantasy world. It's ALL a reflection of Islam.

My family and I are, to most muslim minds, simply infidels that Islam hasn't gotten around to torturing and killing yet.

When the US Marines were sweeping through Fallujah Iraq last year, they found an aid worker named Margaret Hassan. She was European but was married to an Iraqi and was the regional coordinator for CARE or Oxfam. They beheaded her and chopped off her arms and legs in the name of Islam.

Why do you think that women are gang-r aped in France? And in Australia? And in Norway? and in Sweden? The common element is Islam whether you want to recognize that fact or not.

In the name of Islam and jihad, there ARE NO RULES! There is no torture too horrible to be committed upon an infidel, if you can free him of his apostacy and bring him to Allah. Thats what these monsters believe and its what the Koran and Hadiths teach, so they feel absolutely free to murder and butcher their way across whole continents. We're only infidels. And it's not like this has been happening for the past 50 years or so. It's been happening since the 600's. How do you think Russia, China and India have muslim problems? These areas are not natural to Islam.

You know the answer as well as I do. Islam has cut their way into these countries thousands of miles away from the Arabian peninsula for almost 1500 years, murdering millions upon millions in the most horrible ways possible.

Tell me something. Does the Koran say, "We have prepared for the Unbeliever, whips and chains and blazing fires!" 76:4, or does it not? Does it talk about poking red hot rods into people or forcing them to swallow boiling oil or water? Are these things written in the Koran? Does the Koran teach that the way to treat a typical infidel is to cut off his wrist and ankle on opposite sides of body so that he's too embarrassed to ever be seen in public again?

No. Islam is the problem, make no mistake about it.

Have you ever heard of a Jizyat tax? Have you heard of dhimmitude? Both are alive and well in the world of Islam.

Is it true that one can join Islam simply by saying a phrase 3 times, but if one tries to leave islam, it's apostacy and punishable by death?

Have you ever heard of an honor killing? Do they really exist in islam?

Remember in Saudi Arabia back around the year 2000 they had a fire in a girls school? The mutaawa, the religious police (amazing that other religions don't need relgious police in this day and age) actually pushed girls back INTO THE FIRE because it was 2am and some of them couldn't locate their scarfs and it was better that they die as good Muslims than degrade themselves by letting strange men see them without their scarfs. It caused quite a stink and led to several government investigations. It DID happen.

I remember the two Bhuddist statues that the Taliban blew up in Afghanistan. 10 stories tall built 1500 years ago. Have you ANY idea who much love and labor went into making 10 story tall structures 1500 years ago? They were gorgeous statues that had survived 1500 years of war and peace. Why did Islam see fit to destroy them? Because they didn't reflect upon Islam is the reason the Taliban gave and if they don't reflect Islam, they don't have the right to exist, according to Islam.

Did you know that no Jew is allowed BY LAW, under pain of death, to be in Saudi Arabia?

Did you know that there is not one single church, cathedral, temple, synagogue or any other house of worship in Saudi Arabia that is non muslim and if you open one or practice your religon in your own house, you can be thrown in jail and tortured for a year?

Did you know that Pakistan has a blasphemy law such that taking the name of the prophet in vain is worth a year in jail?

Did you know that if the Taliban caught a girl wearing makeup that they would try her on the spot and if they found her guilty (which they always did somehow) that they mixed shards of glass up in her make up and forced her to apply it then?

Have you heard about the race riot in France that happened in 2005? 10,000 French students protesting some educational rule change. 1000 Muslims in groups of 10 or 20 ran through the crowd beating the living daylights out of them because they're infidels, little white frenchies.

The LAST thing that Islam is, is tolerant.

I'll close with one final thought that I saw put very nicely on another website. I've tried to be as calm and clear-headed as I could be here, but:

Everything I ever needed to learn about Islam, I learned on 9/11.

You're living in a dreamworld in which you pick the parts of Islam that you want and pretend the rest of it doesn't exist.

flexy said at May 28, 2005 12:26 PM:

maybe you should have look at that

this is the result :


another one?

and if you still feel like reading

flexy said at May 28, 2005 12:30 PM:

I meant this is the result:



Chronicle said at November 19, 2005 3:00 PM:

To the Muslim Girl,

Well i have just read your post, and although been a year i still feel relevant to comment to the above.

I have lived in an Arab country for many years and has seen in and out of the religion from various angles,professionally and personally.Its such hypocrisy for the arabs and muslims to immigrate to USA,UK,Frace,Canada and then bite the hand that feeds them.
Yes Quran in MANY ways encourages sex and violence but by hiding behind a veil of "Divine Rules"
Muslims are a major cause of strife and violence and sexual crimes around the world,anyone with common sense and a just mind will never fail to see this.
I never hated Islam, but i HATE the crimes that are commited by the so called followers of Islam.

Its a shame you muslims wanna eat McDonalds, and study in 'A'level system of schooling, dress and talk like an American or a French BUT yet perverse and violtae the very American nationals and their values.

If Christians and Jews take up arms against this hypocratic cowardice acts of muslims, they will be no turning back till the total community is wiped out.BUT please note that Christians and jews dont beleive in killing innocents and raping muslim women to get BACK on your community.Because time will tell that Good will win over Evil.

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