2003 March 31 Monday
In Kurdistan Even Intellectuals Like America

Jeffrey Goldberg has a great article in The New Yorker about the peshmerga fighters and the mood of the populace in Kurdistan. What's the difference between Kurdistan and Ivy League universities? In Kurdistan the intellectuals are pro-American hawks.

It is virtually impossible to find anyone in Kurdistan who is opposed to the war against Saddam’s regime. People on street corners ask for American flags or photographs of George Bush; the appreciation of the United States extends to the intellectual class. Sherko Bekas, who was described to me as Kurdistan’s unofficial poet laureate, was particularly upset by the well-publicized efforts of American poets to stop the war. “Saddam is the god of war,” Bekas said, when I saw him in his office at a publishing firm in Sulaimaniya. “He is the killer of poetry.” He went on, “I say to these poets that if they lived for two weeks under Saddam’s rule they would write verse in reverse. They would write poems asking Bush to attack Saddam sooner.”

Goldberg captures the intensity of the Kurdish desire to regain control of Kirkuk. My guess is that the Arabs in Kirkuk will be forced to give back their dwellings to the Kurds who Saddam forced out of Kirkuk.

The Kurds are understandably thrilled that Turkey did not agree to help the United States to attack Saddam's regime. They understand that the United States will be far more solicitous toward the Kurds as a result. I think that is great. History has repeatedly dealt the Kurds a poor hand for such a long time that they deserve a good break for once.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2003 March 31 05:11 PM  Military War, Rumours Of War

Mohsen Forootan-nasab said at March 17, 2006 1:00 PM:

I am Kurdish 21-years-old from Eastern Great Kurdistan (Sanandaj City),
That's right that we, Kurdish poeple, longed to see Saddam's down, but I am not glad to see USA in my Kurdistan land,
USA does not help Kurdish people due to helping to observe human rights in the world,
I dislike to find my Kurdistan like Japan and other countries in which USA has military bases,
If there was not oil in my home land, not alone USA but also all countires would not help us to get and obtain our rights,
I wish the world would notice the region from which originated, i.e. KURDISTAN
I wish the world would notice the oldest nation, the mother of civilization, i.e. KURDISTAN

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