2003 March 31 Monday
Pakistan Buys North Korean Missiles

North Korea has shipped medium range ballistic missiles to Pakistan.

Pakistan has purchased No Dong missiles from North Korea — fully assembled and ready to fly — prompting the Bush administration to impose sanctions on the Pakistani company in charge of the nation's nuclear weapons program.

Since the article claims the missiles were shipped using Pakistan's C-130 aircraft that means the shipment passed thru China stopping at multiple Chinese airports for refueling. That is also how previous nuclear technology and missile technology trade has been conducted between North Korea and Pakistan. The Chinese are happy to see Pakistan become a greater threat to India and a greater problem for the United States. Their facilitation of this trade also increases their influence in Pakistan.

The missile will give the Pakistanis the ability to strike most large cities in India.

The longest range missile currently deployed by North Korea is the No Dong missile, with an estimated range of 1,300 kilometers for a payload of about 700 kg. Such a range would allow North Korea to target all of Japan. North Korea is believed to have flight tested the No Dong only once—in May 1993. While Pakistan may have provided North Korea with information from the tests of its Ghauri missile, which is believed to consist largely or entirely of North Korean technology, and North Korea is believed to have used a modified No Dong as the first stage of the Taepo Dong 1 (TD-1) launched in 1998, North Korea nonetheless has limited information about the reliability and accuracy of the missile. The No Dong uses a larger, more powerful engine than the Scud missile. This engine, which is believed to have been developed with foreign assistance, is believed to be used in the longer range missiles North Korea is developing.

There was also a claim made by Frank Gaffney in May 2002 that North Korea sold No Dongs to Egypt as well.

A leading security analyst reported to Congress on May 23, that Egypt purchased 24 No-Dong Ballistic missiles from North Korea. Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy, told the House Subcommittee Oversight Panel on terrorism that the sale of No-Dong missiles to Egypt could only be directed at Israel. The missiles are capable of being armed with biological or nuclear warheads.

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