2003 March 25 Tuesday
US Covert Mission To Get Iraqi Intelligence Archives

Rowan Scarborough has an interesting article in the Washington Times about special operations units that are negotiating with portions of Iraq's Mukhabarat intelligence service to gain access to Iraq's intelligence archives.

The sources said the task is being carried out by military special-operations units whose goal is to find and safeguard reams of intelligence documents that would tell a fuller story of Saddam Hussein's brutal 24-year regime.

The article implies that the US has enough information about the Iraqi intelligence archives that it has avoided destroying them thru air attacks even though the US has targetted some buildings run by Iraqi intelligence organs. This is a topic about which I've recently expressed concerns.

The Iraqi intelligence archives are of enormous value for a variety of reasons. They will point to the locations of hidden weapons technology. They will provide information about arms smuggling networks, contacts with terrorist networks, the identities of Iraqi agents living under cover in other countries, and information about activities of other governments. The stakes are high in any efforts to find all of the Iraqi intelligence archives.

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