2003 March 22 Saturday
Illegal Aliens Found Working On ICBM Headquarters

Francis E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming, headquarters for the control of a large number of ICBMs was found to have illegal aliens doing construction work on the base.

On Feb. 26, INS arrested 37 Latin American illegals working construction projects at the base. How did INS catch them? Was it the result of aggressive investigation? Was it the result of the Air Force screening of workers? No. The Rocky Mountain (Colo.) News reported that on Feb. 7, base security noticed five people strolling out the main gate during a restricted period. They turned out to be illegals. Almost three weeks later, INS made its arrests.

They were not just illegal aliens. They did not even have documentation to authorize their presence on the base.

Base officials said a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers sponsor is required to report to the base entrance to get any construction workers onto the base for up to three days at a time. The investigation began Feb. 7, when five people were seen leaving through the base gate at a time when vehicle and pedestrian traffic was being limited. Security forces stopped the five and learned that they did not have credentials to be on the base, base officials said.

American immigration and border control policy is a joke.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2003 March 22 10:20 PM  Immigration Border Control

Michael said at March 23, 2003 7:22 PM:

And will continue to be a joke till we have a few thousand more dead,them I truly pity,not just Bush and Rove,but the entire Washinton politcal class.

david w. geiger said at September 10, 2004 6:04 PM:

My state of Georgia is overrun with illegals. These assholes who hire & harbor them, (developers, builders, landscapers, etc.) make a few dollars more per job than they would if they hired Americans. What they don"t understand or care about is the socialogical, long term impact on our cultuire, language, and social services system. These "enablers" are along with their illegal employees are the "Nails in America's coffin!". Entire areas, counties, communites now are overrun, and resemble a third world country. This is total crap, and insanity. The ones that enable these invaders don't have to catch the brunt of the impact. The state of Georgia is obviously a "Sancturary State" , and the so called "Representatives" are in the pocket of the businesses who are selling our state (and Nation), down the river. What a scourge! What a legacy to leave our children and grandchildren! If these (illegals) are such "good people", why can"t they obey our laws?
Since the Feds seem inept at controlling our borders, maybe the individual states who care, should implement "Protect Georgia Now" (state), and drive out the enablers, illegals, or... maybe a flight of Americans from America will shake things up. I'm sick of this multi-lingual force fed multi-cultural bullshit.

The Dude said at September 3, 2005 9:04 PM:

Michael knows what hes talkin about, Im in SC and its just SICK the shit that goes down here. I grew up In CT before it turned into a 3d world country. The enablers are killing us and no one seems to give a shit, The Gop doesent give a shit, we DO pay the bill.... but we as a people are so beaten down BY THE NAZI FASHIST bastards, police included!!! that harbor, pay and protect the little bastards. IT makes me god damn sick WE NEED ANOTHER CIVIL WAR TO FIX THIS!!! And when the poop hitts the fan We will rise and take owr states back from the intruders that are like paricites that need to be driven off BEFORE WE LOSE THE WAR, the war to keep our land ours and the LANGUAGE ENGLISH!! God damn there is a place in texas that the OFFICIAL language IS SPANISH!!!!!! this cant go on this cant endure,,, there will be a breakpoint,, maby it will be now w/ the genacide in New Orleans and the gas being $5 projected next month. The americans left have to stand and fight! Were loseing so damn fast it makes me scared at night. I love this country or what this country used to be and I wont ever forget how things were. The deck is stacked agensed us once again americans, were at a huge disadvantage, Just go to www.infowars.com and see 4 yourself things are going at terminal volicity and it is nearing "go time" red dawn style if u have seen the movie.

the only things we can do without looking at a jail term is talk to people, so far as today is isnt agensed the law to have a strong opinon aboout this, Just talk and inform people, pass out this site and TAR and infowars. Make flyers, anything U can do,



An Angry Marine said at January 30, 2006 9:30 AM:

Oh, finally someone speaks it. I live in Florida...yea i know, I feel bad for me too. I know first hand what the immagration is doing to this economy. Infact, just the other day, a local radio station had a broadcast of this same topic. One of these "enablers" called in and was very proud and boastful in terms of his "boys" as he refered to them. Paying them just short of $4.00 an hour. Poverty in florida is also another issue. Everyone blaims the minorities, when actually it's the low income housing populated by mostly immagrants. I have worked with a few coast guard and immagration servicemen and the response no matter who you talk to is, "well, we're doing what we can." I for one would be glad to see our borders shut down from everything but import/export. America has it's own problems, let alone all the other countries we have to endure. The whole bush issue to me is sort of dull now a days. Bush was better than kerry, kerry was better than nadar, and my opinion they were all less than colin powell. Mr. Powell, an actual 4 star general, I believe would've made a great leader for this country. We need someone who actually knows what it's like to need and want. Raised in the bronx, i'm sure Mr. Powell knows exactly what it's like. I appreciate the fact that people are actually speaking/blogging about this subject. You guys stay safe, and pray for the familys of our soldiers.

Ssgt. Matthews
USMC Devil Dogs

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