2003 March 22 Saturday
One Iraqi Conspiracy Theory About Saddam Hussein

Recently surrendered Colonel Ahmed Ghobashi offers his theory about why Saddam wanted war with America.

"He doesn't give us enough to eat, and he doesn't pay us," the colonel said. "And then he starts this thing with the Americans and then tells us to defend the country against the invasion."

Colonel Ghobashi pursed his lips in contemplation and rendered his final opinion on Mr. Hussein. "I believe he is an American agent," he said.

People who so readily think up and embrace conspiracy theories are not mentally equipped with the kinds of attitudes that will support a healthy democracy. The alienation and detachment from reality implicit in such an embrace of conspiracy ideas works against a more rational and practical approach to politics. There will always be factions in democratic political systems. If factions so readily ascribe false motives to each other then compromise and trust in government will be unlikely to develop. A lack of willingness to trust and to deal with others in good faith pretty much will doom a democracy.

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nadeem said at December 15, 2003 2:36 AM:

so they got him. How nice, where is Osama?? clearly is the next question how has he never been caught.we must rememeber, had it not been for America saddam would have never been in power. He would have never posed the threat he did with the weapons which we gave him. We helped him fight Iranians so we could sell weapons to both signs. How convienient Saddam started a war with Iran, when it was clear america had problems with iran due to a certain hostage situation. For the record america is the only country in the world to use nuclear weapons. supply the to another rogue state (israel). a country which threatens the stabilty of every muslim nation. A country which has created groups like al qaeda hamas etc, by its foreign policy. americans were involved in the biggest killings in the world the killing o the red indians. Britain killed numerous irish people numerous indian people stood by and watched countless jewish people die. U call your selves civilised countries and democracies. what a load of bullshit. Here is a way to end terrorism. give palastinians their land back, remove wmd from all around the world. remove your forces from around the world give chechnya independance. give kashmir indepedance. wow bang no more excuses for terrorism. and yes stop forcing people to accept western culture, it really is not the way forward

A Proud Indian said at December 15, 2003 10:32 PM:

> give kashmir indepedance

how the hell does that solve any problems? better yet, destroy pakshitistan (look up the word in google) and the world will be rid of a few thousand jihadis.

yes, america needs to temper down a little bit, but on the whole, it's the lunatic extremist morons that need to be dealt with. then there won't be a need for a palestine, chechenya, etc.

so, nadeem you half-dicked moron, go back to your gutter, i mean pakshitistan, and stop polluting the internet with your filth.

wahida said at December 16, 2003 8:40 AM:

i totally agree with you nadeem. i think the west has lost all common sense in this so called "war on terrorism". and as for you PROUD INDIAN, i think you have got issues that you need to address, firstly there is no need to mock another country and make up stupid childish names for it. i mean, have you nothing better to do with your time? the issue here, is to do with terrorism, osama bin laden and saddam so keep your pejudices about pakistan to yourself.
the book "the grand chessboard" by Brezinski (former director of the CIA) clearly outlines America's aspirations in foreign policy. america's aim is to dominate the world. before sept 11th, america had little or no control over the world's gas and oil resources. in just two years america now controls both. this whole war on terrorism is a cover up for american domination of the world.
if america was so right and up for human rights then why would they let the jews continue their campaign in palestine?
so PROUD INDIAN, shove your pride up your arse and get a grip of your patriotic emotions, you thick twat.

nadeem said at December 17, 2003 1:37 AM:

I would like to apologise to proud indian for nnot being a good father to him. its a shame taht you were such a fucking ugly twat I was sick every time i saw your black face. and your mother was a prostitute. Just get back to your call centre,before i snap you neck.

Golden_bullet said at December 22, 2003 8:45 PM:

Just one thing for you to think about your chechnya and paleswine people. Let us go back and look at the words terrorist and rebel. How does one side call them one thing and others call them another. The question also which I will remain puzzled on is, How can you be a terrorist when you live in your own country eg. afgans, have not even ever left your own country or seen the borders of another country and you get called a terrorist because of one nation (America) tells us they are. When will the world open it's to this CNN, NBC shit house news that they put out.

nadia said at December 23, 2003 7:13 AM:

in response to proud indian- u sound like a retard who doesnt know what the fuck hes on about. n ur the one who needs to get back to ur shit hole of a country. plagued with diseases and short ugly bastards like you who think they r so westernised. y dont u wake up and smell the cows shit u r black bastards not white like george bushes arse. dont even bother eplying cos no one is interested in what you have got to say.

One Angry Marine said at January 30, 2006 8:33 AM:

Ok, reading the past comments and focusing on all the democratic insults, I have come to one conclusion: I find it very hard to believe that any of you people have a single clue on what the hell you're discussing. Honestly, taking quotes from buyest authority figures is not the way to go. I understand you need some form of basis to create an opinion, but, fromt he CIA????? are you serious? Absolutley the most buyest opinion in the free world! Also, every any person who resides in my country, that has something bad enough that you have to post about it....You just go right ahead and repost with that opinion, and i'll leave you my address for a special meeting. Love it or leave it folks. I have served this country for the last 8 years. Now granted, I may have my brainwashing and what not, but, I still have an opinion. But no matter how bad you think this country is, I have lived/visited many of many of country, and i'd still rather be no place else. So if you'd rather go, than by all means, i'm sure france would appreciate you bad mouthing their country. They give lashings for less.

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