2003 March 20 Thursday
US To Capture Iraqi Weapons Scientists During War

The Bush Administration has decided to not use UNMOVIC or IAEA in post-war Iraq to run down the structure of Iraq's weapons development programs. The US government is hiring former UNSCOM inspectors (who, not coincidentally, are considered in some quarters to have more experience and an edgier attitude than the UNMOVIC inspectors). Iraqi agents living abroad are being heavily pressured to switch sides now in advance of the coming war.

In a top-secret adjunct to an openly reported diplomatic initiative, U.S. and allied intelligence services summoned scores of Iraqi operatives in foreign capitals to present a stark choice. They were told "they could either 'turn,' " said one official, using an expression for switching sides, or be expelled back to Iraq "to enjoy your very short stay in Baghdad."

While the war is still in progress US special forces will be attempting to capture about 100 Iraqi weapons scientists. Intelligence sources are already tracking the movement of some of those scientists.

It is inevitable that many people will deny the claims that the US government makes about the Iraqi weapons development programs once the US government reports what it has learned. Saddam Hussein may manage to carry off bioweapons and chemical weapons attacks during the war. Though even reports of such attacks will not be believed in some quarters.

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