2003 February 18 Tuesday
Israel Targets Terrorist Middle Managers For Assassination

Here's yet another reason to avoid being a middle manager. The top guys are too powerful to be held accountable. In an article entitled "The Logic of Israel's Targeted Killing" Gal Luft explains why the Israelis kill middle managers instead.

To assess the real impact of targeted killing on the infrastructure of terrorist groups, one needs to understand their organizational culture, psychology, and behavior. The operational branches of organizations such as Hamas or the PIJ consist of three layers: political-military command, intermediate level, and what can be referred to as the "ground troops." The political-military command echelonómost of which is in the Gaza Stripóconsists of a small group, no more than a dozen activists, responsible for funding, political and spiritual guidance, and direction of the organization's strategy. They maintain regular contact with the headquarters of terrorist groups throughout the Arab world as well as with senior leaders of the PA and chiefs of its security forces.[20]

The intermediate level of command is a group slightly larger in size, a few dozens in each Palestinian city. Its members are involved in planning operations, and recruiting, training, arming, and dispatching terrorists. The different cells are loosely connected, and their members do not usually operate outside their area of jurisdiction. Members of this group, especially those living in Gaza, meet frequently with the senior leadership and receive daily orders and funds to finance their operations. Unlike members of the first group, intermediate-level activists are not so familiar to the public, and their killing does not evoke the same rage as does the targeting of senior leaders. For this reason, Israel has so far preferred to target as few senior leaders as possible and focus on members of the second group.

Its not an exact analogy but it reminds of how top corporate executives can more easily hire the best lawyers and even to sell out their underlings in exchange for immunity. People with high status are more protected in any number of circumstances.

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