2003 February 12 Wednesday
Oriana Fallaci Interviewed

Fallaci doesn't think we can have peace with the Muslim countries.

Aren't you caricaturing the Muslim world, writing off all the moderate Muslims in pro-Western countries like Egypt, Morocco and Turkey?

You want me to be optimistic. I am not. The day the Islamic world will start criticizing itself, the day it will give birth to some Luther or Calvin, then you call me and say, ''Fallaci, you were wrong.'' I will then admit that the Western culture and Islamic culture can coexist.

Update: Also see this FrontPage article on Fallaci.

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Persia Gran-Freeland said at June 14, 2005 7:18 PM:

Ms Fallaci is absolutely correct in her assessment of the impossiblity
of living with Arabs because they do not EVER self criticize their
actions. It is always someone else's fault. I have lived with them
and I know from experience. As far as they are concerned, it is either
their way or no way. They think in black and white. They are doing
their best to get started on Islamizing the USA.

If there are readers out there who would like to help me get the word
out on how they are doing it, please write me. I have a book I am
just finishing. The 31-page bibliography alone will be worth the
price of the book. We have to move quickly!! The yare making inroads
in schools and companies becasue these people do not know what is actually being started by these small concessions.

If you know of Ms. Fallac's email address, would you please send it
to me so I can send her some support?

Thank you.


Mohamed Abdel Megid said at June 23, 2005 10:40 AM:

I don't know how do you think , I'm an arab Muslim and I think that we don't think in just black and white and we are not sico, people.

We just wanna peace in everything in living , we don't hate anyone unless he hate us. If you remember when all of that started "It's not in 9/11" , it's before that .

All of that because of Isreal who start on 1948 to take a land which is "the land of heaven" and we have to know that before this time there wasn't no hate for USA(not the people) but when USA started to put her nose in others business , here is the start point because USA started to hate Arabs "Who want thier Land,Look arround it and you will get that it's an arab land" and gave Isreal all her power to kill arab muslims, and as normal everybody hate who hate him , Make Sense.....

See now try to get How many Arabs(Muslims)killed from this time. I think it's less than the number that USA and Isreal killed in Vietnam ,Japan , Afghanistan ,Iraq and palestinian and more and more..

Please send me your comments...

Crapslapper said at June 26, 2005 8:01 PM:

Israel took your land? Have you ever heard of REALITY? It's that thiing right in front of your face. In FACT, the UN partitioned "Palestine" in 1948 and gave about half to Arabs and half to Jews. Unfortunately, Arabs (1) wanted it all and (2) wanted no Jews. THEY started the war. They could have had a state at least 4 times since then, but chose war.

So, please, reserve your bullshit for someone else.

"We just wanna peace..."

More bullshit. Who do you think we are--a bunch of dumb fuckers? Your history is the history of war. ALL of the national conflicts in the world now involve Muslims. So, go tell someone who gives a shit. Your time is over, bud. Millions of us are just waiting for you to start something here. We can do jihad, too, buster.

hanna said at August 21, 2005 5:19 PM:

How about hating christians in Egypt& treating them as second class citizens.How about what is going on In Sudan .Did you think when you kicked the Egyptian Jews and confiscating their properties that you did not compensate them .did you ever think about the insults against the christians& Jews by the Mullah on The Egyptian Tv & Radio.& the pulpits of Mosques

WhileMan said at October 29, 2005 1:12 PM:

Mohamed, are you still arguing if the chicken came before the egg? The problem with "we don't hate anyone unless he hate us" is that many Muslims will not give up hate and look for other ways to resolve conflict. Many Muslims do not accept responsibility for being part of the problem. It is easy and cowardly to hate and it causes the death of many innocent people including your own.

victor quesada said at July 9, 2006 3:42 AM:

The fundamental problem with islam is the fundamental nature of the religion. The Prophet Mohammed was given a set of rules for every aspect of everyday life, with little flexibility built in. He wrote them down and started preaching them. The problem is that the rules might have worked in a 400 AD nomadic lifestyle. Many no longer work today. Prisons keep the criminals in and society out now, so thieves don't need to have thier hands and feet cut off. The Eye for an Eye principle of justice is no longer needed in a nation state with laws and a judicial system. I understand that some fundamental points of Islam are meant to be timeless, such as charity and prayer (though five times a day can't be easy in a non muslim country). But when the Koran states that women should dress modestly, it does not specify that they cannot have their heads shown uncovered.

I understand that if I should ever travel to Turkey, I shouldn't try to order white wine for my fish, and that I cannot find any pork in the whole country. Bringing any in would be a worse idea. But by the same rules, off with the headscarves, freedom for both sexes, and accept that others will have different religions, different points of view, and while you can explain yours, you cannot force it on anyone else.

BTW, I need that E-mail adress too. I just finished Oriana Fallaci's two most recent books. Very good read, but needs to be taken with a bit of salt.

Kendra said at August 4, 2006 3:56 PM:

Did anyone ever find Oriana Fallaci's email address? I would like to write her, as well. While looking for it, I came across this old board.

Gee, anyone notice how Mohamed Abdel Megid never wrote back? It's amazing to me (not really) that these are considered the MODERATE Muslims-- not the extremists. Ugh, with moderates like this. . .

That's why I believe that there really are no more moderates. I think that the 'moderates' all agree with Mr. Mohamed Abdel Megid, or they are too afraid to speak up and state otherwise. As I would be, too, I suppose. Speaking up or speaking for the West or for Israel means fatwas. And, in some areas, it might mean blasphemy.

Victor, specifically. . . I just read today that there is an area in Italy that is going to create a Muslim-friendly beach. And, I read yesterday that an amusement park in London had a Muslim day scheduled (that they wound up canceling). This is so disappointing to me. Do these governments not understand that Christians and Jews are not afforded the same reciprocal "rights" in Muslim/Arab lands? The west bends over backwards to accomodate those that wish its demise.

I'm amazed at this each time I read something similar, yet I really do understand that it's reality here. I cannot get over the short-sightedness of so many I used to admire and deem intelligent.

On a side note, I wish the governments would start speaking of this "conflict" in realistic terms. It IS a religious war, and it IS World War III (or IV, depending on how you see the Cold War). I really respect Newt Gingrich for speaking the truth and I hope we see more of him.

Mohamed Abdel-Megid said at September 15, 2006 7:49 AM:

I'm still here but I didn't come to this page from last year... Sorry.
I want to say to all of you , just try to read the history then try not put everything in one hand.
I'm as muslim I don't hate anyone and my Prophet too . and that because as in
I will tell you what the history says and if you want an referances just ask me and I will send it to you

1- Muslims lived with christians and Jews in peace without any problems for more than 500 years and if you want to know try to get books of how Islam spread and how muslims dealed with non muslims .

2- How does Rome Empire be that big. Is it without wars , and what was the reason of that , Isn't to spread christianity?

3- Where was the promise land before 1948 , where were Jews living ? why they didn't live there before , it's more than 2000 years ,Dude. Who took it from Jews ? Are they the muslims ? read and tell me.

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