2003 February 05 Wednesday
China Cracks Down On North Korean Refugee Networks

A massive flight of refugees into China isn't going to bring down the North Korean regime if the Chinese government maintains its determination to keep North Koreans in North Korea.

The Chinese authorities have destroyed most of the underground networks of activists and sympathizers that kept the refugees alive.

"It's much more difficult for them now, because they don't have anyone to protect them or give them housing or food," said Chun Ki-won, a Christian missionary from South Korea who spent three years helping the refugees in China until he was imprisoned and deported by Chinese authorities last year.

He estimates the Chinese crackdown has disrupted and eliminated about 80 per cent of the underground networks that were supporting the refugees. Most of the missionaries and other underground activists have been forced to leave China, and about 30,000 refugees were arrested and forced back to North Korea last year.

As long as China maintains its support for the North Korean regime it will be very hard to bring that regime down.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2003 February 05 01:16 PM  Korea


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