2003 February 04 Tuesday
Tony Blair Risks His Political Career Over Iraq

If Blair can manage to stay as Prime Minister until the Iraqi regime is overthrown then the hard evidence will be available to justify the move. Will Bush put off the attack into March in order to let the UN second round play out long enough to give Blair the political cover he needs?

At one point Mr Blair said: "When people ask me why am I willing to risk everything on this politically, I do not want to be the prime minister when people point the finger back from history and say: 'You know those two threats were there and you did nothing about it'."

My guess is that the biggest factor weighing on Bush as a reason to delay the attack is a desire to help Tony Blair. Tony Blair has done so much to support the US on this matter that Bush feels he owes it to Blair to spend weeks arguing in the UN Security Council.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2003 February 04 01:17 AM  Politics Anglosphere


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