2003 January 05 Sunday
Theodore Dalrymple on Growth of Touchy-Feely Fascism

Theodore Dalrymple believes that the staffs of government bureaucracies value job security over moral conduct.

We, too, are now creating a cultural context in which great state crimes are possible, though perhaps not yet inevitable. When I see the routine inhumanity with which my patients are treated by the state and its various bureaucracies, often in the name of obedience to rules, I think that anything is possible in this country. Yes, when I see the baying mobs of drunken young people who pullulate in our city centres every weekend, awaiting their evil genius to organise them into some kind of pseudo-community, and think of our offices full of potential Eichmanns, I shudder. Our fascism will no doubt be touchy-feely rather than a boot in the face more Kafka than Hitler but it will be ruthless nonetheless. Timeservers led by scoundrels: that is the future of this septic isle.

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