2002 December 18 Wednesday
Theodore Dalrymple on Prisons and Mental Hospitals

Dalrymple is writing about the UK but it is my impression that what he says equally well applies to the United States.

The prisons fill up with people who once would have been looked after in our mental asylums; and there is a steady stream of people through our hospitals who desire admission, and want never to go home, because the self-directed life that has been forced upon them is beyond their intellectual capacities. Time after time, with a heavy heart, and because their hospital bed is needed for someone else, we have to return them whence they came and whence they fled, because there is nowhere else to send them. The heartlessness of it all, while extravagant aid is given to those who deserve none and whom such aid will actually harm, is sickening.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2002 December 18 12:15 AM  Civilizations Decay


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