2002 November 26 Tuesday
Amir Taheri On Reflexive French Anti-Americanism

Amir Taheri examines the intellectual laziness underlying French anti-Americanism.

For some, anti-Americanism plays a useful role in filling the vacuum left by the evaporation of 19th-century ideologies.

Those too lazy to do their homework on any issue could still espouse an opinion simply by looking at what the U.S. says and then saying the opposite.

How many of the people who are bashing the U.S. on the latest fashionable issues such as the Kyoto Protocols, and the International Criminal Court, for example, have really studied either?

The arrangement is simple: Where America is, there I shall not be.

This irrationality comes at a cost: French foreign policy will oppose any necessary move that United States tries to take and France will support regimes that are a threat to the civilized world.

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