2002 November 11 Monday
Somali Dutch Woman Goes Into Hiding From Islamists

Ayaan Hirsi Ali spoke out about the treatment of Muslim women by Muslim men in the Netherlands. Now she's living in fear of her life: (same article here and here)

Then Ms. Hirsi Ali, 32, began receiving hate mail, anonymous messages calling her a traitor to Islam and a slut. On several Web sites, other Muslims said she deserved to be knifed and shot. Explicit death threats by telephone soon followed. The police told her to change homes and the mayor of Amsterdam sent bodyguards. She tried living in hiding. Finally, last month, she became a refugee again, fleeing the Netherlands.

"I had to speak up," she said, in a telephone interview from her hiding place, "because most spokesmen for Muslims are men and they deny or belittle the enormous problems of Muslim women locked up in their Dutch homes."

Go read the full article. Its sobering. (NY Times requires free registration)

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