2002 November 07 Thursday
Anatole Kaletsky: UK Labour Party May Overreach

Writing in the Times of London Anatole Kaletsky argues that there are signs the UK Labour Party may overreach in its forced egalitarian agenda and provoke a backlash that will drive the Right back into power:

But in taking the Leftís hegemony for granted, the new generation of Labour leaders are playing with fire. Some of the concepts with which they are toying ó the abolition of private practice for hospital doctors or the punitive treatment of elitist educational institutions ó go beyond anything attempted by successful left of centre parties in continental Europe. They also defy old Labourís traditions of reluctantly conciliating and co-opting large parts of the British middle and upper middle class.

New Labour has tried to cement its friendship with Britainís middle classes by refusing to raise income taxes. By doing this, Mr Brown believes he has gained himself the political cover to pursue a redistributive welfare policy and now an aggressively egalitarian social agenda. But Britainís affluent classes will not be mollified for long by Labourís apparent tolerance of personal wealth, and its commitment to moderate income taxes, if the Government then tries to prevent the affluent from using their money to give their children an elitist education or to buy themselves better healthcare.

The interesting queston is whether this overreach and the corresponding reaction will come soon enough to stop the UK government from giving its sovereignty away to the EU.

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