2002 November 07 Thursday
Max Boot On Keeping Special Forces Special

The Special Forces think they should be allowed to fit in with the natives:

The first such sign is the now-infamous order to Special Forces in Afghanistan to shave their beards. This seemingly innocuous directive, issued because of strong pressure from the Army high command, has infuriated many of the "snake eaters," who claim it shows that desk-bound brass hats don't understand their demanding duties.

They also do not want to get caught up in the Pentagon procurement bureaucracy:

Yet that is precisely the prospect that Secretary Rumsfeld has raised in a memorandum circulated around the Pentagon. As first reported in the Washington Times, Rumsfeld suggested that Special Operations work under the same budgeting rules that govern the other combat commands.

It is disappointing that the special forces aren't being given more latitude. Their judgement should be trusted that they know how best to do their jobs.

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