2002 November 01 Friday
Fischer Of Germany: No Way For Turkey Into EU

I guess some on the Left are deciding that multiculturalism stops short of Islam:

Yesterday, in a press breakfast at the German Embassy, Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer compared the likelihood of Turkey's admission into the EU with Mexico and Central America's admission into the United States. That sounds to us like a firm and permanent veto. When a reporter suggested that EU consideration of Turkey would be helpful to the United States, the admirably honest and colorful foreign minister suggested that, while friends do many things for each other, getting married to a third party because a friend requests it is not one of them.

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Bob said at November 2, 2002 2:56 PM:

Well, I guess it just goes to show how much smarter Americans are than the rest of the world. The US was able to garner all the benefits of economic union with Mexico without any of the hardships. (Free trade trumps uncontrolled migration any day.)

The european enthusiasm for unaccountable, arbitrary, oppressive control continues to astonish me. Frankly, I suspect that continental europe has a far more dangerous culture to the west than any culture in the orient.

emmanuel said at April 8, 2010 3:57 AM:

Am Emmanuel living in İstanbul Turkey, now i want to let the EU know well about the danger that is facing them between turkey's plan to join in the EU,Turkey is an a country with criminals and wicked people, Turkley is a country that don't practice democracy they leaders are hearthless and the way they treat the Foreigner's are too bad, this country don't have the same way of living with the European's, also they all army's ok listen to this, any child that reach up to 18 must go to army traning that means they ready for war at any giving time is that the type of people that the european's need???, Turkey is a Muslim country and they behalve like Arabs, also they populations are many with low rate of economy, if Turkey join the EU they will fight to be the leader no matter how late they are and that will bring problem to the Eu,Turkey dont qualify to join the Eu, Turkey's are very wicked but if EU mistakely welcome them i tell you that will be the end of Eu.

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