2002 October 31 Thursday
Michelle Malkin On Why Lee Malvo's Age Is A Mystery

Michelle Malkin, author of Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists Criminals & Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores explains the incentive for an illegal alien such as Lee Malvo to lie about his age:

There is a large incentive to fudge the numbers. Minors who enter the United States illegally, unlike most adult illegal aliens, qualify for exemptions from immediate deportation. They are automatically released to any family members living in the country while deportation hearings slowly move forward.

INS also allows minors to remain in the United States if they file for political asylum. The backlog of claims is huge, allowing asylum applicants young and old to disappear into the American mainstream. Even if a juvenile alien is denied asylum, he can remain in the country if relatives in his native land cannot be contacted before sending him back. Moreover, agency spokesman Art Moreno has noted in the past that "Young adults arrested by the Border Patrol often pose as juveniles in hopes they can escape from the less-secure juvenile facilities."

More on Lee Malvo and the INS here.

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