2002 October 31 Thursday
Less Democratic Malaysia Cracks Down On Islamists

Less democratic and less free Malaysia, ruled by a guy who is dedicated a secular government, cracks down on Islamists to a much greater extent than does more democratic Indonesia:

Radicals have been allowed too much freedom by President Megawati Sukarnoputri, whose "weak government" and tolerance of extreme Islam, he implies, can be held responsible for the Bali attack. Dr Mahathir artfully lists a string of reasons for his action against Islamists, though interestingly there is no mention of the most obvious motivation of all - that religious parties are the biggest threat to him and his multi-racial coalition.

"These people who are giving a bad name to Islam are people who deviate from the true teachings of Islam, and people are getting a little bit fed up with it," he said.

There might be a lesson there for those who think democracy can be a cure-all for what ails countries that are Islamic.

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