2002 October 31 Thursday
1 in 10 UK Hospital Patients Harmed By Hospital

America is clearly getting some value from its more expensive and more privatized medical industry. But at least Brits can console themselves that its even worse in Australia.

The 10 per cent risk to patients, caused by blunders, superbugs, faulty equipment and drug side effects, was contained in a 250-page study of the state of the planet's health.

This is similar to figures for some other European countries, but almost three times greater than in the United States. It is well below Australia's "alarming" 16.6 per cent.

Update: Writing in The Daily Telegraph of the UK Theodore Dalrymple describes a new contract that the UK NHS is trying to get British doctors to accept:

The new proposed contract is inherently corrupt and corrupting. It gives the managers extensive power to decide what doctors' goals, targets and objectives should be. Since the managers will themselves be rewarded according to their fulfilment of goals, targets and objectives laid down by the Government, the politicisation of clinical decision-making would be an inevitable consequence.

If the Government decided that its electoral future depended upon the reduction of waiting lists, this reduction would take precedence over more clinically urgent matters. In such a system, crimes against humanity would not be inconceivable.

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