2002 October 28 Monday
Turkey's Main Iraq War Concern: Money

The Turkish government is still deeply reluctant for the US to launch an attack on the Iraqi regime. But so far it appears the Turkish military will make sure the civilian politicians go along with it in exchange for US aid:

But many experts say there is a greater worry about a new war: money. Turkey remains in a deep economic crisis, eased only recently and with pain through a new program with the International Monetary Fund. Many Turks see their real interest not in war with Iraq, but in talks to join the European Union, which this month spurned Turkey once again by not setting a firm date for talks on joining the organization.

If the United States wants Turkey's support, many here say, it must be sure Turkey does not lose again, and reportedly a financial package worth roughly $5 billion is being discussed.

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chris hannabass said at March 20, 2003 10:37 AM:

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