2002 October 28 Monday
Vicente Fox Stiffs Bush On UN Iraq Vote

Will this convince Bush to stop trying to get a special Mexican immigration amnesty through Congress? This has got to burn: (NY Times free registration required)

CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico, Oct. 27 President Bush left a summit conference here today without a pledge from Mexico to support the American resolution in the United Nations Security Council to disarm Iraq.

Mexican officials made it clear that Mexico is siding with France in the debate at the United Nations.

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2002 October 28 01:39 PM  UN, International Institutions

melvia whitman said at May 15, 2005 9:05 AM:

I think Mr. Bush should build more fences around the american borders to keep vicente foxs people in there own country and let mr. fox create jobs that would keep them from flooded our welfare system as well as our health care systems. these people come to our country with one plan in mind and that is to cheat the system by having numerous babies,get on welfare at the tax payers expense. until recently thy were caught using fraudalent identification cards that lookes state issued and were getting everybody they knew a free walk thru the hospital system the hospital system became broke parkland hospital that is. If mr. vicente wants a working solution look in your own backyard for the answer. black america does want to work we are being challenged by the new racist the take over of and flooding and underbidding of mexicans in this country today. the mexicans underbid to gain contract from american regardless of what race in america the asians work with them and uitilize there cheap labor this is why i don't eat there food. so if america doesn't wake and smell the con job that mexicans thru there president is leading it is going to get worser than it is now.

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