2002 October 28 Monday
China Not Likely To Help Pressure North Korea

Bad news from The Economist:

As the Chinese see it, the real threat emanating from North Korea is a political collapse that could damage stability in the region and prompt American forces to move close to China's border to fill the vacuum. Should Mr Bush call for economic pressure on North Korea, he is unlikely to find China receptive.

If China will not apply economic sanctions to North Korea then the prospects for getting the North Korean regime to drop its nuclear and ICBM development programs and WMD technology sales become fairly poor. The only other option then becomes an invasion. Bush then has a card he might play: tell the Chinese regime they have a choice to either pressure the North Korean regime or the US will carry out air strikes against North Korean facilities and even a strike to decapitate the leadership. But can the US do that without provoking a North Korean response that kills a lot of South Koreans?

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