2002 October 28 Monday
James C. Bennett: Capitulate or Engage with Europe?

In his Anglosphere column James C. Bennett takes up the subject of what to do about the prospect of a more integrated EU which might restrict its members cooperation with America. The prospect of a UK which in the future would be unable to cooperate with the US by, for instance, allowing the US to share use of Diego Garcia ought to be deeply troubling and requires a US response:

One less-ambitious option might be to cut a deal between NAFTA and its European analogue, EFTA. Once a strong rival to the EU, EFTA is today a small organization. But by making it clear that the U.S. would regard it, or some similar new organization, as somebody to do business with, other Eastern European nations might decide it would be a preferred alternative to accepting the crushing body of EU regulation. Of course, a TAFTA -- a Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Area deal, including NAFTA, EU states, and other Europeans outside the EU -- would make even more sense, if it could be obtained.

Similarly, the United States should consider a bold move to signal the transition of NATO from a North American-Western European club to a broader alliance. Perhaps the United States should consider proposing the relocation of NATO headquarters from Brussels to Warsaw or Budapest. It'd be cheaper in the long run, would provide a welcome stimulus to the local economy, would give American personnel a friendlier duty post, and would make a very tangible statement to a number of different parties.

Norwary is still a member of the rather smaller European trade club that is not in the EU. The US could make trading conditions for that small club so favorable that if a country decided to leave the EU (especially if that country is the UK) it could gain a large replacement market.

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