2002 October 27 Sunday
Bin Laden Called For Australia Attack For East Timor

There are Australian and other Western Leftists who are arguing that the Bali bombing was to punish Australia for supporting the US in Afghanistan. There's a small problem with that theory. Bin Laden already decided that because of Australia's role in winning East Timor independence from Indonesia Muslims should attack Australia:

Osama bin Laden warned last year that Australia was on al-Qaeda's terrorism hit list because of its role in helping East Timor win independence from Indonesia.

A taped message from bin Laden last November was believed to be a coded signal to extremists in the region to begin preparing retaliatory attacks against Australians for the East Timor operation.

"The crusader Australian forces were on Indonesian shores ... and they landed on East Timor which is part of the Islamic world," bin Laden said in the video recording, broadcast by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Its pretty simple in Bin Laden's eyes: Indonesia is majority Muslim. Non-Muslim minorities to not have a right to break free of Muslim rule because God (aka Allah) throught his prophet stated that the natural order of life is for Muslims to rule non-Muslims. When will the appeasers wake up and notice that the Muslim fundamentalists can not be appeased?

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