2002 October 26 Saturday
William Safire On Iraq And North Korea

What's different about North Korea and Iraq that warrants an invasion of Iraq? Well, one big difference is that an invasion of North Korea would cost far more lives - especially if North Korea already has nukes. What I want to know is when will the debate shift to the topic of what to do about Libya?

Saddam Hussein is a recent, serial aggressor, while totalitarian North Korea has not launched an invasion in the past half-century. Moreover, the potentially high human cost of wiping out the Korean threat should be an unforgettable lesson to every nation: The world must not allow Iraq to gain the level of destructive power that appeasement and misplaced trust permitted North Korea to achieve.

Our failure to demand intrusive, relentless inspection of North Korea in the past decade has made everyone more vulnerable to the spread of terror weaponry. (Libya's secret nuclear work relies on Korean know-how.)

Share |      By Randall Parker at 2002 October 26 01:39 PM  Axis Of Evil


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