2002 October 26 Saturday
Indonesian Elite Divided On Islamic Terrorism

Herbert London of the Hudson Institute has argued that Indonesia Is a Model Ally in the War on Terrorism. If Indonesia is a model ally then we are in trouble:

But other Indonesian officials, like parliamentary speaker Amien Rais and Vice President Hamzah Haz, say it is still too early to blame the blast on either Al-Qaeda or any radical Indonesian group.

Haz has been telling Indonesians he thinks outside powers were involved. And his deputies have suggested publicly that U.S. intelligence agents had both the ability and the motive to carry out such an attack.

I don't think the Republika was referring to foreign intelligence operatives of Islamic nations:

The Muslim-oriented Republika daily cautioned against hastily pointing the finger at Muslim militants.

"Possibility is not foreclosed that the explosion was a part of the work of foreign intelligence operatives who want to provide proof to justify their accusations" that Indonesia is a haven for terrorists, it said.

Is this the kind of talk one woule expect to hear coming from a model ally?

Islamic militant organizations enjoy the sympathy of powerful army generals, who would have to be brought into line for a counterterrorism policy to work. One former military intelligence chief, A.C. Manullang, caused a stir by telling reporters on Oct. 14 that the U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies were responsible for both the attack on the World Trade Center and the Bali bombing (he could not be reached for comment). Rivalry between military factions in Indonesia is intense, with some favoring cooperation with the U.S. and others opposed. "There are so many armies now in Indonesia," says Amin Rianom, a senior Indonesian security official, referring to the divisions.

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