2002 October 25 Friday
Lee Malvo: Illegal Alien - and Nathaniel Osbourne too

The politically correct New York Times calls Washington DC sniper suspect Lee Malvo an undocumented alien:

The task force, which included an array of local, state and federal agencies, ran the Alabama print through the F.B.I. database, finding a match with Mr. Malvo's prints, which were on file with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, officials said. Immigration investigators quickly found Mr. Malvo had been fingerprinted as an undocumented alien after a minor family fight on Dec. 19 in Washington State.

That is the politically correct term for illegal alien. Of course, the INS did create documents about Malvo and even recorded his fingerprints. So he was documented, just not legal. If the INS had not fingerprinted Malvo then this case might not have been cracked as soon as it was. Michelle Malkin says that if the INS had followed the letter of the law the INS would have deported Malvo back in December of 2001:

According to INS records I obtained, Malvo was arrested by Border Patrol agents in Bellingham, Wash., on Dec. 19, 2001. Local police called the Border Patrol during an incident involving "some sort of custody dispute" between Malvo's mother, Uma Sceon James, and stepfather, John Mohammed (the ex-Army soldier with black radical Muslim ties now at the center of the sniper investigation). James admitted that six months earlier, "she and her son were passengers on a cargo ship that was filled with 'illegal asians (sic).' They were all off loaded in the Miami, FL area where she immediately located work at the Red Lobster in Ft. Myers, FL."

From there, Malvo and James traveled to Tacoma, Wash., and ended up in Bellingham. At the time of their arrest, INS records indicate, neither Malvo nor his mother had any documents proving their identities or allowing them "to be or remain in the United States legally." The Border Patrol agents concluded that because she had "no roots or close family ties in the United States, James was likely to abscond." The arresting officer noted that the mother-and-son illegal aliens, Malvo and James, would be "detained at the Seattle Detention facility in Seattle, Washington pending deportation charges."

That's not what happened. About a month after their arrest, Malvo and his mother were set free by the Seattle district INS contrary to what the arresting Border Patrol officers had determined should be done. And in clear violation of federal law regarding the removal of illegal alien stowaways.

Michelle Malkin is the author of Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists Criminals & Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores

It gets worse: This article claims John Allen Muhummad had his Caprice co-registered with another Jamaican illegal alien named Nathaniel Osbourne. Note the comment by the FBI spokeswoman that if Osbourne would turn himself in the FBI might help him get a visa in exchange for helping them!

Perhaps the key to the Camden connection lies with a man named Nathaniel Osbourne, who sources say apparently is an illegal alien from Jamaica.

The FBI were searching for Osbourne yesterday, and they seem to have some pretty good reasons.

Muhammad registered his Chevy Caprice - a former Bordentown Township police cruiser sold as surplus - in Camden this past Sept. 11.

And it was co-registered to Osbourne, whose address was 1400 Sheridan St., the site of the bar and restaurant. And for the car registration, Muhammad listed that address as well.

Also, an accomplice of Muhammad may have called in a bomb threat to the New Jersey DMV office to speed up the registration process when Muhammad went to register the Caprice.

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