2002 October 25 Friday
France, Russia, China may not veto UN Iraq Resolution

The Bush Administration is now lobbying the non-permanent members of the UN Security Council. Will Russia, France and China abstain or vote for the US resolution on Iraq?

The administration's decision to broaden the negotiations comes as senior U.S. officials have voiced increasing confidence that France, Russia and China will not veto a U.S. resolution. Publicly, at least, France and Russia continued to offer stiff resistance.

Russia's ambassador to the United Nations, Sergey Lavrov, denied that Moscow had provided the United States with assurances that it will not block a vote in the council. Lavrov told reporters outside the council that Russia, France and China had two fundamental objections to the U.S. text. The first involves the inclusion of language that Moscow believes would constitute a "trigger" -- or "automaticity" in the words of French and Russian officials -- for military action.

The big remaining sticking point is the language over the inspection regime. The US wants the power to be able to recommend sites to inspect. Then if UNMOVIC doesn't inspect or Iraq refuses the right to inspect the US will have cause to claim the inspection regime has failed. The Russians and French are trying to avoid that event. The center of focus is about to move to Iraq and the inspection teams.

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